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Good Morning, Broncos fans! After having kept mum throughout the maelstrom that's enveloped him, Richie Incognito is speaking up today.

Now, if one were to hazard guesses as to which network and football reporter would land an interview with a meathead/dirty player/accused bully/racist, the answers would come quite easily, right?

That's right, Incognito sat down for a one-on-one with Fox Sports and Jay Glazer, who once had Incognito as an MMA training client.

What could possibly go wrong?

Even while current and former non-Dolphins players continue to say Incognito's reported behavior is unacceptable, the suspended guard apparently claims it's all just part of the NFL's culture, and that he and Martin are BFFs.

As for the organization, they continue in ass-covering mode, claiming they reacted $wiftly to the accusations that their star citizen groped a female volunteer at the team's golf outing last year.

Head coach Joe Philbin continues to speak out of both sides of his mouth, this time claiming that "any club action" would be kept private, unlike when they suspended Incognito for conduct detrimental to the team.

Meanwhile, James Walker continues his fine work as the team's ESPN mouthpiece, this time using a quote from Tyson Clabo - who's only been a Dolphin for six months - to vouch for an absence of violence against Jonathan Martin.

Walker, of course, is the same hack who wrote that, "It's time for Jonathan Martin to leave the Miami Dolphins."

According to the Miami Herald (via LBS), the organization considered cutting ties with Incognito prior to the season, despite him apparently being such a leader and great dude according to his coaches and teammates. Good luck finding anything from Walker on this tidbit.


Incognito's youth baseball coach already saw signs of immaturity more than twenty years ago.

Don Shula says his beloved franchise has taken a credibility hit, and that "they took a chance on a guy with a bad reputation, and it backfired on them."

Sam Farmer suggests that Peyton Manning chose not to visit with the Dolphins during his free agency tour because he knew the organization has dysfunctional leadership.

Ashley Fox says it's time the NFL treat its locker rooms like workplaces. Mind you, this is a league that is more concerned about guys wearing unlicensed socks, shoes, or visor clips than their safety or wellbeing.

Bill Rhoden is certain that if the colors of Martin's and Incognito's skins were flipped, this whole story would have a different dynamic.

Broncos News

Don't count Terrance Knighton among those who have a problem with what transpired in Miami. And yet, this is a fifth-year veteran who campaigned this summer for a new nickname.

Champ Bailey says he's never seen "outright bullying" in an NFL locker room.

Omar Bolden says he spends most of his downtime listening to music, and he went to Miami with some teammates during the bye week.

Knighton calls Jack Del Rio an "uncle figure" and says his Jacksonville head coach is happier in Denver

The Chargers avoided a blackout today in part thanks to an entire section of seats purchased by Broncos fans.

Broncos Analysis

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Woody Paige could see Jack Del Rio replacing Dennis Allen as Oakland's head coach next year.


A new knee ligament was sort of discovered recently by Belgian researchers and dubbed the Anterolateral Ligament (ALL). Mike Tanier considers the implications.

As feared, Texans RB Arian Foster is done for the year and will require back surgery.

Vikings WR and accused drug trafficker Jerome Simpson was arrested on DWI charges.

With John Fox and Gary Kubiak having experienced health scares in the past week, old friend Dan Reeves speaks about his 1998 heart surgery.

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