For a good time, go sign this anti-Tebow petition

Don't need nothing but a good time?

Want a cheap thrill with the click of a mouse?

Do you enjoy pissing off fans of Tim Tebow?

Yes. Yes.  And f@#king A!

Now you can do all three at once.

Some Jags fans who have grown tired of the Tebow zealots recently started a website called Even If He's Released.

It's a reference to the now-famous quote from Jags general manager David Caldwell, in which he basically gave the middle finger to the idea that the Jaguars would ever sign Tebow.

The site is one giant petition--against signing Tim Tebow.

You should definitely go there.  And you should sign the petition--dozens of times if needed.

Is Blaine Gabbert better than Tebow?

Who gives a damn?  Sign the petition.  You'll feel great.  And it's sure to make your day go a lot better knowing that you're pissing off dudes like this:

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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