Flutie says the NFL is turning into the CFL

Last updated: Jun 24, 2014 10:24 AM

Good Morning, Broncos fans! It's certainly not often our intent to open a Lard with NBA news.

But it's late June, training camp is a month away, and the news is ginormous, transcending all other current sports happenings.

LeBron James is about to become a free agent once more.

Where might he end up? Zach Lowe considered the options a few days ago.

Presumably (or we hope at least), we won't all be subjected to another bungled episode of The Decision.

Either way, prepare to be bombarded by LeBron talk, all summer long (in general, not here).


Do people like Wes Welker really think they're NFL stars simply because of hard work? The reality is that the Welkers of the world are elite athletes who also happen to work hard. It's certainly a good message to kids that hard work will take them places, and perhaps Wes is trying to be humble, but let's be real.

Jeff Legwold saw plenty of coverage skills in both Lamin Barrow and Bradley Roby during OTAs.

UTSD columnist Eddie Brown isn't willing to call Peyton Manning and LeBron their respective sports' greatest players, due to RINGZ. But his argument isn't as one-sided and annoying as one might expect.

Obviously, Manning has only kind words for new Vols coach Butch Jones.

Denver Tangents

Knowshon Moreno had his ailing knee scoped and will be out for a month.

Indy punter Pat McAfee claims he could make a 75-yard field goal at SAF@MH.

Amy Van Dyken-Rouen's rehabilitation will include a return to the pool today.

Here's the Worldwide Leader's list of training camp start dates. They apparently thought the Bronco weren't worth inclusion.


Chicago added safety Adrian Wilson; Miami center Mike Pouncey will miss three months after undergoing hip surgery.

Aaron Rodgers has come to appreciate his time riding the pine behind Brett Favre, and thinks this year's rookie QBs could benefit from a similar wait.

Doug Flutie thinks the NFL of today is like the CFL of his day.


A bipartisan group of tonedeaf racist asshole Virginia legislators (yes, Democrats are often racists, too) is defending the blatantly racist name of the Washington franchise.

Random folks are hoping to cash in by squatting on the trademarks of potential new names.

The racism is so obvious it's even being brought up by WWE wrestlers, of all people.


Just as it was no shock to see Dan Reeves among the coaches whose presence appeared to suppress scoring, it was fully expected that Mike Shanahan would be among those with the opposite effect.

The Shutdown Corner guys discuss rookie quarterbacks, underrated/overrated cornerbacks, and running back committees.

Mike Tanier breaks down Miami's offseason; Greg Gabriel considers the outlook for the Jets' season.

PFT Commenter is about as big of a Danny Woodhead fan as one might suspect.

World Cup

The thing about the World Cup (at least for this non-soccer fan) is that there are always several moments that make one think, Oh yeah, this is why I hate soccer

Yesterday brought two examples - the obvious handballs committed by Croatia against Mexico that went uncalled (there were at least two), and news that the president of Ghana's soccer federation was caught in a match-fixing sting.

Of course, it's easy to fix matches in a sport with such ridiculously arbitrary rules.

In case you wanted to know what Julius Thomas thinks of this World Cup, today is your lucky day.


While not a sports gambler, I do find it strange that it's banned in so many states.

There's just no chance in hell that the Sixers' new logo will be better than this runner up.

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