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Good Morning, Broncos fans, and Happy Fourth! Today marks the 71st birthday of Denver legend and HOFer, Floyd "The Franchise" Little.

Floyd was the seventh first-round pick in Broncos history, but he was the first to sign with Denver's AFL squad. For most of his nine seasons (1967-75), Floyd was the team's only star, and it's thought that without his presence, the Broncos might have left town.

It figures that the NFL would have eventually found its way to Denver, but thanks to Floyd, it never had to come to that, and the rest is history. Thank you for signing, Floyd, and Happy Birthday!


Little ranks second in franchise history in rushing attempts, yardage, and touchdowns, trailing only Terrell Davis in each category. Let's toss out a three-part trivia question; the first person to answer all parts correctly will hold the title of IAOFM's Master of Trivial Pursuits until the next time we offer up that lofty honor.

  1. A third Bronco ranks behind Davis and Little in each of those categories. Who is it?
  2. Another player ranks fourth in both attempts and yardage. Can you name him?
  3. Our last running back ranks fifth in attempts and yardage, and fourth in rushing touchdowns. What's his name, and in what round was he drafted by Denver?

Good luck, and no cheating! As y'all know, we're a bunch of left-wing nutjobs here, so thanks to our close ties to the Obummer/Nobama (so clever!) administration, the NSA will alert us to anyone who looks this stuff up. Penalties will be swift and severe.


Naturally, Bubba Caldwell says he's more comfortable within Denver's offense than he was last year. We'll see if it's enough for him to even stick on the 53-man roster, even less suit up or play.

Will Brinson discusses the Broncos' offseason and predicts Ronnie Hillman to emerge as their starting running back until Montee Ball takes over for him in-season.

Andrew Mason looks ahead to the Week 8 game that marks the return of Shanny to Denver.

SAF@MH's new LED scoreboard will get its first use tonight as the Outlaws take on the NY Lizards in MLL.


The Patriots have changed the writing on their logo from cursive to block lettering.

Saints coach Sean Payton will caddy for Ryan Palmer at this week's PGA stop, the Greenbrier Classic in West Virginia.

Here's a fine profile of Keith Burns, whom Shanny hired to coordinate his special teams in Washington.

Sadly, Washington fullback and Navy Lieutenant Eric Kettani has received hate mail for his decision to pursue an NFL career amidst his reserve commitment.

Aaron Hernandez

Police returned to Hernandez's secret apartment last night in a search for evidence. Their first search had yielded clothing believed to have been worn by Hernandez while he allegedly orchestrated the killing of Odin Lloyd.

Court documents confirm that Carlos Ortiz has been helping police and prosecutors in their case against Hernandez in Lloyd's murder.


There's unfortunately no data to show whether NFL players are more or less violent than the general public, which allows vile racists like Geraldo Rivera to pronounce their own conclusions.

Among defensive linemen, Bucky Brooks thinks Nick Fairley, Quinton Coples, Michael Brockers, and Da'Quan Bowers have the best chance to make big leaps forward in 2013.

Neil Hornsby projects the starting lineups for the Bengals and Browns.

Pete Prisco, Clark Judge, and Mike Freeman continue their pre-camp team profiles with Seattle, Arizona, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, and Washington.


Marcus Allen has the most rushing yards of any back against the Broncos, while LaDainian Tomlinson has the most touchdowns; no Broncos make the list in the other direction.

As Jason Fitzgerald sees it, Reggie Wayne and Erik Walden have the Colts' best and worst contracts, respectively.


Brad Stevens has parlayed the incomparable job he performed at Butler into one of sport's marquee jobs, as he's been named the new head coach of the Boston Celtics.

Kudos to former Heat star Tim Hardaway, who has made quite a turnaround from his days as a vocal homophobe.

If you need a last-minute feast plan, here's one that can be whipped up in a few hours. And in one last installment on pies, here are some scientific keys to baking a great one.

Grilling expert Steven Raichlen offers his favorite tips for preparing ribs.

Mike Tanier tells us what to expect at tonight's fireworks displays.

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