Five players stay home Lard 10-29-10

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Unfortunately, Perrish Cox and Kevin Vickerson have not recovered enough from their injuries and did not make the trip to London last night. The other news on the injury front is that Eddie Royal was a limited participant in practice yesterday, so there is a chance he will play on Sunday. Knowshon Moreno did not appear on the injury report.

Later today, a Broncography on Zane Beadles, and more Trivia Trough.


NFL Films previews the game.

Josh McDaniels
and Brian Dawkins met with the press yesterday.

Chris Hall spoke with John Elway, who will be representing the Broncos in London for Sunday’s coin toss.

Joe Mays answered questions from Eric Detweiler.

Legwold on the Broncos’ preparation and schedule this week.

LJ describes the logistics of getting the team across the pond.

Legwold on the Broncos’ injuries. More here, including the question of whether Robert Ayers could return to action sooner than later.

More injury notes from Andrew Mason.

Legwold points out that the Broncos are 0-2 versus teams who utilize 3-4 defenses. Well, that means they’re 2-3 versus 4-3 teams. Not that much better. Plus, those two teams were the Jets and the Ravens, who are clearly among the best in the league. Point? I have no clue.

When is the right time to travel long distance for a game? Who knows…

Woody describes how the Broncos can beat the Niners. Unfortunately, it’s really painful getting to that part of the column.

If you care to hear the travel stories of the DP reporters, have at it. I can’t bear to link these things individually…

Brandon Lloyd sure has progressed since his days with the Niners. Plus, some notes.

The Niners will try to stay simple with Troy Smith.

Niners LB Takeo Spikes wants to play more.

How wise is it for the Niners to go with Smith?


Kent Babb of the KC Star talks to Brian Burke about the math behind Todd Haley’s controversial calls. Wow, how about that? Imagine Woody or Kiszla having the humility to talk to someone like Burke? Or the ability to understand what he’s talking about? Boy, would THAT be something…

Notes on the Chefs.

Apparently, someone was messing around with Haley’s computer.

Injury notes on the Raiders, whose resounding victory Sunday wasn’t enough to sell tickets at home. Yes, they are blacked out once again.

Phil Rivers is short receivers as injuries have hit the Dolts, who are again blacked out as well.


Despite fining Brad Childress, the NFL admitted to royally screwing up a call, costing the Vikings a crucial 4 points last week.

Giants DE Mathias Kiwanuka is gone for the season.

Here’s what the excellent Pat Kirwan is looking forward to this weekend.

Matt Bowen shares a few tips for Week 8.

Among his thoughts about the NFL and college ball, Randy Cross thinks the Broncos are done-zo

CHFF on the reactions of football people to the new stance on hard hits.

Bowen breaks down a Greg Jennings TD catch against the Vikes.

Jack Bechta on NFL players and shoddy investments.

The Broncos have a slight edge according to Burke’s game probabilities.

Mike Tanier has an invention in mind to help referees do their job a bit better.

Chase Stuart on how many SB-winning QBs have been active each year.

KSK has some excellent Halloween costume ideas for NFL players to don.

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