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Good Morning, Broncos fans. Let's hope today will be better than yesterday was in Broncosland, although it should be simply by default. In case you've chosen this to be your first visit after a 14-hour blackout, well thank you very kindly. Unfortunately, we've got some wild news for you - Josh McDaniels has been fired by the Broncos, just 28 games and 23 months into his (unannounced) rebuilding process. There's even some talk that the team could attempt to withhold the balance of McDaniels' contract under the cover of a morals clause following the recent taping incident. RB coach Eric Studesville has been named the interim head coach, while rumors are flying that Vikings interim coach Leslie Frazier, Air Force coach (and former Mike Shanahan/Gary Kubiak assistant) Troy Calhoun, and possibly even Kubiak himself, are the leading candidates. Meanwhile, there is plenty of speculation that Pat Bowlen will look to John Elway to fill some sort of front-office role; the two reportedly dined last night at the legendary QB's namesake steakhouse.

Broncos COO Joe Ellis and Studesville will speak to the press today at 1pm ET; the press conference will be streamed live via the team's official website. We'll provide an open thread at that time for your discussion. Frankly, I have a lot of thoughts about what happened yesterday, most of them not good. But it's probably best to reserve judgment until after today's presser and more details emerge. Oh, and it's late. FWIW, I"d love to see Jeff Fisher ride into town...

McDaniels Firing

Here are the PR mumbo jumbo official statements from Bowlen, McDaniels and Studesville.

Mike Lombardi shared his insight and measured perspective into the firing.

Klis details the firing. He reports that McDaniels was not told he was fired for cause, while Josh's brother Ben McDaniels and close friend Mark Thewes will remain with the team.

Arnie offers his report on the day.

According to Klis, Bowlen will be paying McDaniels and Mike Shanahan $6.7 million in 2011, and McDaniels $3.7 million in 2012 - $10.4 million all told, not to coach the Broncos.

Kiszla lays it all at the feet of Pat Bowlen.

Krieger writes that McDaniels is a lair.

Woodrow says the more senior among McDaniels' assistant coaches resented his "Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde calm in public, turbulence in private." If only McDaniels had listened to Woody and foregone the hoodie and Steve Scarnecchia, maybe he'd still have a job...

9NEWS reported that Bowlen and Elway were seen dining at the latter's restaurant last night.

Legwold on the credentials of Troy Calhoun and Leslie Frazier.

Mike Silver saw great contrast yesterday in the firing of McDaniels and the thumping by his mentor Bill Belichick's team of the Jets.

Kyle Orton spoke to reporters about the firing.

LJ shares some player reactions.

Plus, she asks a question many of us are now pondering: "What about Tebow?"

Klis looks back at some of McDaniels' highs and lows as Denver's coach.

Jason Cole wonders the same.

Jim Trotter thinks there was too much on McDaniels' plate.

LJ recaps the more notable personnel moves of McDaniels' tenure. No mention of Brandon Lloyd or Jabar Gaffney. Oh, right - those support the wrong case...

Podcasts from The Drive - Brandon Lloyd reacted to the news of McDaniels' firing on air. The well-spoken WR had plenty to say about McDaniels, mostly positive.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen spoke to DMac and Stink on The Fan yesterday.

Here was McDaniels' last presser as Denver's head coach.


Legwold focuses on actual football.

In his last presser, McDaniels announced that Joe Mays and Dan Gronkowski would be placed on IR, while Andre' Goodman is finally ready to play.

Oh, the Broncos have a game on Sunday. LJ shares some tidbits on the Cardinals.

Who will start for Arizona at QB is anybody's guess.


Teicher on the Chefs' big game coming up in San Diego on Sunday.

Acee on where the Dolts go following their loss to Jokeland.

Tafur on Jokeland's running game.

Brian Burke calls Tom Cable his coach of the week.


Former Cowboys QB and MNF personality Don Meredith passed away at the age of 72.

Mike Silver on Jeff Fisher's shaky job security in Tennessee.

Andrew Das makes the case of Matt Ryan for MVP.

The Broncos remain 24th in Brian Burke's efficiency ratings.

Mike Lombardi recapped Week 13.

So did Pat Kirwan.

PK's MMQB, if you can stand it. KSK translates.

PS. On a personal note, the head coaches for all three pro teams (Broncos, Mets, Islanders) I root for have been fired in the last 63 days. Fun stuff...

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