Fat Man’s Late Night Snack - 7 reasons the Broncos will beat the Titans

Caught you, Broncos fans.

You were up jonesing for a late-night Broncos snack, weren’t you?

Well, open the fridge and indulge yourself.  Here at Fat Man, we don’t mind.  You can even add some extra chocolate syrup if you’d like.

For our friends who read us in Europe, good morning! 

Here are 7 reasons the Broncos will beat the Titans tomorrow.  Why 7 reasons?  Because I couldn’t think of 57 (Tom Jackson’s numbers), so I went with Elway’s.  Call me lazy.

Why am I so sure they will beat the Titans?  Truthfully, I’m not so sure, but being a fan is fundamentally, at its core, supposed to be fun.  And losing isn’t any fun.  So, until further notice,  the Broncos are winning. 

Now, here are your 7 reasons:

1) Vince Young is fragile.  This week it is en vogue again to believe in Vince Young the chosen one.  Last week, not so much.  Last year, for the final part of the season, he had again been anointed.  Previous to this, when the Titans went 13-3, he was a just another young and mistake-prone quarterback.  All of this has taken its toll on Young, who, it has been well documented, can sometimes get his feelings hurt.

If the Broncos get up on the Titans early, or Young throws an interception (or two), they can take advantage of Young’s imploding psyche.  The results won’t just be a win, but a two-touchdown victory.

2) Luck Runs Out for the Titans.  Last week, in their win against the Giants, the Titans were extremely fortunate.  Two fluke interceptions, a fumble, a ton of stupid penalties, and even more mental breakdowns by the Giants allowed the Titans to win, despite being out-gained 471-271.  The Broncos aren’t going to give the game away like the Giants did.

3) The Broncos Match Up Well on Offense.  You heard a lot this week about Tennessee’s great defense.  While they do a great job of stopping the run, the Broncos aren’t going to spend a lot of time running the ball.  Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Josh McDaniels actually implemented a run-heavy game plan this week in an attempt to show something different to the Titans.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that the Broncos can pass with the best of them this year.  Tennessee’s pass defense is only average.  And, if you haven’t noticed, starting CB Jason McCourty is out for tomorrow’s game.  The Titans will be starting rookie Alterraun Verner in his place.  Mr. Verner, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Lloyd.  You may want to get some safety help over the top.

4) Eddie Royal Will Be King.  Tennessee likes to play a lot of deep Cover-2 zone.  But they also like to bring their linebackers off the edge.  This leaves the middle zone extremely vulnerable.  Look for Royal to have a monster game against the Titans linebackers. 

5) Ryan Harris is Back in the Saddle.  The Broncos’ running game is totally different with Ryan Harris in the game.  Harris has to be considered one of the top-5 right tackles in the game today.  Don’t expect another 3rd-and-short running fiasco like we saw against Indy.

6) The Titans are too Conservative.  As I pointed out earlier in the week, the Titans’ offense has consisted of Chris Johnson to the left, Chris Johnson to the right, and Chris Johnson up the middle.  Then they wait until he pops a big run.  Johnson is like Barry Sanders in this way (Sanders never yapped as much, though).  The good news is that this isn’t last year’s Broncos.  Jamal Williams and Justin Bannan have been an improvement, although they could be playing better, to be sure.  However, if the Titans can’t pop a long run in the first few quarters, this will give the Broncos plenty of time to do their own damage.  You might even see Wink Martindale play some 4-3 tomorrow just for this purpose.

Vince Young playing from behind in the 2nd half?  Champ Bailey on the prowl?  Me gusta.

7) Tennessee Doesn’t Like This Offense.  I might be stretching here, but I don’t think so.  In their last 4 meetings, New England has put up, on average, 38.5 points per game on the Titans.  Why is this important?  The Patriots use the same offensive system as the Broncos.  And this system is great at beating the Cover-2 Zone, which is what the Titans like to do. 

Sure, the Broncos don’t have Brady, Moss, or Welker.  But I’ll take my chances with Orton, Lloyd, Thomas, Gaffney, and Royal.

So, there you have it.  I hope your hunger is satiated.

Now, get back to bed with a full stomach and dream of a Broncos win! 

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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