Face mask x 2 = 30 Lard 9-13-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans. Clearly, that was not the start we’d hoped for, as the schedule is about to get very scary after next week’s home opener versus Seattle. It wasn’t a horrible performance, but a familiar early-season Florida road trip dud. The kick coverage units made Tiquan Underwood look like Dante Hall or Devin Hester. Well, practically. Ryan McBean and Richard Quinn drew some serious McD rage as the former racked up two unnecessary face-mask penalties on Jacksonville’s game-winning drive, and the latter caused the Broncos to waste a timeout with 12:58 remaining in the game as he seemingly forgot the play call. David Garrard was the picture of efficiency, with 3 TDs on just 21 throws, while MJD had a solid 98 rushing yards against a poor Denver run D. Meanwhile, Kyle Orton looked pretty good but gave the Jags a bit too much time to reach him on all three of their sacks, and threw a few would-be interceptions. On the brightest of sides, Robert Ayers finally got off the schneid with his first NFL sack, Brandon Lloyd made several of his signature circus catches, and the Eddie Royal who can actually get open reappeared…


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DP - Klis recaps the game here. Meanwhile, Legwold examines the run defense.

DP - The Broncos’ WRs somehow managed to get open and make receptions without the presence of BMarsh. Who knew that was possible? Meanwhile, Knowshon got through the game unscathed, while Spencer Larsen grabbed his first NFL reception. The Broncos lost their radio communications after a lightning delay. How conveeeenient.

DP - I’m sure Kyle is really excited about all the Tim Tebow questions. Meanwhile, Kiszla thinks Tebow’s entrances were a bit ill-timed (perhaps) and underwhelming (definitely).

DP - Naturally, Woody thinks he could have called a better play on 4th and 3.

Y! - Incredibly, Jason Cole’s take from yesterday is that “(Kyle) Orton is limited. Extremely limited.” Wow. That is some nice hackery there. No, Kyle didn’t have a perfect game. But he is most certainly not the reason the Broncos lost yesterday - not by any stretch of the imagination.

The Enemies

Things could be worse. We could be Jokeland fans, whose team got run out of Tennessee to the tune of 38 points and 142 yards from Chris Johnson.

Let’s just say it. Philip Rivers is a great QB. The Chefs are excited to be on national television.

Other News

Matt Bowen and Mike Silver offer their takes on Sunday’s games.

Don Banks and Peter King recap the openers. Of course, PK is mad that his Tebow prediction failed to come true. However, he does give a nice shout-out to the charitable efforts by Champ Bailey and John Lynch in honor of D-Will.

Brian Burke examines Lovie Smith’s decisions on fourth down.

The Lions fell victim to what George Bretherton thinks is the NFL’s worst rule.

Lions QB Matthew Stafford injured his shoulder and will be out for awhile, and Panthers QB Matt Moore was concussed. Eagles QB Kevin Kolb suffered the same fate.

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