Evening update 8-3-11

Good evening, Broncos fans! There were a few items worth noting from earlier today, and although many of you are already aware of them, I figure it's worth covering them here. For one, Adam Schefter filed an interesting report on ESPN regarding Denver's QB situation, including the following quote:

Kyle Orton is not going to be traded. Kyle Orton is not going to be a Miami Dolphin this season.

Meanwhile, Mike Lombardi echoed that thought on NFLN, saying,

[Orton] will be the starter in Denver. He will not be traded...He’s in limbo right now. I said all offseason I thought Tim Tebow wasn’t in their plans. . . I think ultimately he is not in their plans.

As much as I believe that Orton will in fact be dealt away at some point this year, it is of course hard to ignore the facts: Orton exclusively has been practicing with the first-team offense, and according to most reports he has stood out as the best QB so far. There's always the chance that the Broncos' practice structure and this message (which obviously comes straight from the top) is mere posturing directed at the Dolphins and any other potential trade partner, but it's also probably just as likely at this juncture that the performances of Orton and Tebow are making the Denver brass reevaluate their desire to send the veteran packing.

Either way, it's still only August 3 and the coaching staff has at least two or three preseason games from which to cull some more information on Orton and Tebow and how they stack up when it (sort of) counts. It'll be interesting to see how things develop over the next few weeks.

In other news, the details are in on Ty Warren's contract, and it's a two-year deal worth $8M overall, including a $2.5M signing bonus and salaries of $1.5M in 2011 and $4M in 2012. In essence, it's a one-year deal for $4M with a non-guaranteed $4M value in year two - however it turns out, the Broncos did not risk much. We're still waiting on salary info on David Anderson, Marcus Thomas and Willis McGahee's deals, but no matter what those figures amount to, Denver still has plenty (eight figures worth) of salary cap room. As Ted mentioned yesterday, it wouldn't be a great surprise to see Denver dole out some contract extensions during the season or even before it, perhaps to Brandon Lloyd (signed through 2011), Eddie Royal (2011), Ryan Clady (2012), Matt Prater (2011), and Marcus Thomas (2011).

Plus, Klis says that Denver is essentially done making significant acquisitions, though he of course covers his ass with the requisite never say never disclaimer.

LJ notes that Brodrick Bunkley practiced today (so, I guess he reported) while LenDale White and D.J. Williams were both out once again.

Finally, the Broncos plan to wear their (actual) predominantly orange jerseys at home during the season opener versus Oakland on Sep. 12 and their Week 8 matchup against Detroit on Oct. 30.

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