Elway speaks at combine, doesn’t say much

John Elway (video) held his annual Indy presser on Friday afternoon; expectedly, he wasn't long on substance (sorry, couldn't resist).

Of course, even if he'd said something meaningful, we wouldn't believe it, anyway. Remember when a certain sect segment took Elway's comments about wanting a son-in-law like Tim Tebow, to mean he wanted a starting quarterback who couldn't throw? Good times (also couldn't resist).

Anyway, Elway confirmed what Mike Klis reported earlier in the week - that the Duke plans to get to work on extending the contract of John Fox.

Elway also acknowledged the obvious - that he needs to break the bad news to have a chat with Champ Bailey, and he's not going to overpay for any of the team's pending UFAs.


Someone needs to tell Klis that Peyton Manning will be paid $15M in 2014, not $20M. Last year's restructuring included what is essentially a $10M signing bonus, reducing Manning's 2014 cap figure to $17.5M from $20M. Yay, journalism!

Also on the topic of professional writing, why do Klis and Jeff Legwold think the plural of Thomas is Thomas'? At least our friend Andrew Mason knows that Thomases is how it's done.

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