Elway: Moore and Bailey staying put

John Elway spent a few minutes this morning discussing the Broncos' offseason plans on 104.3 The Fan. As should be expected, he didn't really give anything away, and of course, it's Lying Season, anyway. With that in mind, here are a few key points from the brief interview:

On how the team feels about its group of safeties:

Rahim made tremendous strides from his rookie year til last year. He just misjudged that ball, and that's something we can work on. Quinton Carter is coming off injury, and Adams had a real good year, and so with safeties, we're happy with where we are.

Are the Broncos considering a shift of Champ Bailey to safety:

I don't think that's gonna happen. I think that's a rumor out there. I think the plan right now is to leave Champ at corner. We haven't even discussed it. I know there's been some talk out there but in this building there's not been any talk as far as moving Champ to safety.

Will the team ask Peyton Manning or any other high-priced stars to restructure?

Not right now - I think we're still going through the process and if there's a need, then I'm sure those guys would be wide open. But at this point in time, we have not approached anybody.

No surprises there. We certainly don't expect him to give away any plans prior to free agency and the draft, although we think he's being honest about Moore and Bailey, and about the team not having asked any veterans to restructure their contracts (fine, so that's everything we just transcribed). After all, the team currently has plenty of cap room (around $15M), and free agency is still 12 days away.

via NFL.com

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