Elway: 6,000-yard passer in NFL’s future Lard

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! John Elway was a guest on New York's WFAN with Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton yesterday morning for a good half hour, and there were plenty of great anecdotes and perhaps a few insights.

Our favorite takeaways, in chronological order:

  • Elway says several times that he "respects" John Fox's decision to kneel out the clock against Baltimore, without ever saying he agreed or agrees with the call.
  • John unwaveringly says he gave the Ultimate Teammate™ a choice between NJ and Jacksonville.
  • He views Matt Prater's FG flub against the Ravens as a 10-point swing, although we'd note that Baltimore still would have had time for a touchdown drive had he made the kick.
  • Elway sees a 6,000-yard passing season from a quarterback in the NFL's future.
  • The Stanford alum sure talks about "Andy" Luck in a way that makes it sound he was hoping for a chance to draft the kid last year. Then again, there's definitely some confirmation bias at work here, as we thought Elway wanted to tank the 2011 season for Luck.
  • In addition to Luck, Elway claims the team was high on Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson as well.
  • Boomer admits to having been miffed that Elway got to wear his own #7 jersey in a Pro Bowl, while Esiason was forced to switch to #8.
  • Following a pregnant pause, John says that "in the right situation, I think it's a possibility" that the UT™ could be an NFL player (not necessarily as a quarterback).
  • Carton gets in several good rips on Elway's superiority over Boomer, relative to SB rings and HOF jackets.
  • John pushes off talk of eventually taking over ownership of the Broncos.
  • The Elways won't do anything special for the Super Bowl, except "cry that it could have been" his team isn't in it.
  • At the end, John laughs and takes the fifth when Carton suggests that Elway felt like he must have been on Candid Camera when then-LOLJets GM Mike Tannenbaum called offering draft picks for the UT™.


BTV offers a snippet from Honolulu, where Peyton Manning is getting acquainted with new QB coach Greg Knapp.

Meanwhile, if you were wondering about Peyton's taste in swimming trunks, you're in luck. It's pretty obvious he's less concerned than Denver's previous quarterback is with flipping tires and pulling trucks, and the rest speaks for itself.

While we're contrasting Manning and the Ultimate Teammate™, Mark Kiszla reminds us that as running quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, and RG3 are leading something of a revolution, they also happen to throw the ball really well.

Jeff Legwold revisits the biggest roster moves made by the Broncos between the upset by Jacksonville and their Super Bowl run.


Jeff Fischer finally hired Rob Ryan to run his Rams defense, while Sean Payton canned DC Steve Spagnuolo in New Orleans and plans to move to a 3-4 scheme.

Ravens safety Ed Reed says he has no plans to join Ray Lewis in retiring after the Super Bowl.

As for Lewis, many see a maturer version of the man who was accused of murder 13 years ago, but folks in his hometown are still divided in how they view him.

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg and the Ginger Hammer spoke yesterday about next year's Super Bowl, which will take place in the swampy (and potentially freezing) confines of New Jersey's Met Life Stadium.

There's a White House petition to make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday, which is a wonderful idea that will obviously never happen.


Tommy Tomlinson discusses the four franchises yet to make it to a Super Bowl, led off by a beautiful photo of Mark Jackson celebrating his Drive-ending touchdown.

Chase Stuart lists Super Bowl prop bets and examines the interesting trajectory of Eli Manning's career; could Joe Flacco's take the same path?

Ben Muth evaluates the Patriots' offensive line play from the 2012 season.

Chip Kelly says he's willing to adapt his schemes to his personnel, and Jason Cole figures he'd be well-served to take cues from Jimmy Johnson's transition from college to the NFL.

Chuck Culpepper ranks his top ten groups of sports siblings, and perhaps the list might look a touch different if Sterling Sharpe was (perhaps rightfully) in the HOF. Then again, a pair of actual HOF brothers failed to make the list (the NHL's Espositos).

Senior Bowl

Doug Farrar reports on Thursday's North practice, Michigan QB Denard Robinson's transition to wideout, and FSU QB E.J. Manuel's impressive week.

Matt Bowen shares his notes on the Senior Bowl prospects; videos of practices collated by Tony Pauline.

Don Banks has Denver taking 6-1 FSU CB Xavier Rhodes at #28 in his first mock draft.

Manti's Crying Game

Manti Te'o's appearance on Katie included voicemails from Lennay Kekua (Ronaiah Tuiasosopo), a host in Katie Couric who basically can't believe how dumb this kid is, and a bunch of flatlined answers until the question of sexuality came up. That's when Manti became his most animated, declaring that he's "far from" being gay, whatever that means. The sports blogosphere reacted appropriately to that head-smacking exchange.

Will Leitch tallies the most important moments of the gripping interview.

Of course, Te'o's story is just another in a long line of Notre Dame legends that are based very little in fact, if at all.

Former Broncos TE Nate Jackson shares his own Te'o-like story of a woman he probably never actually met but developed some sort of relationship with.

We shared a rap video starring an adorable six-year-old Colin Kaepernick fan last month. She's back, with another track:

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