Elvis to take visits next week Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! According to Mike Klis, Denver asked the league office on Friday if it would honor the verbal agreement between the team and Elvis Dumervil on a reduced 2013 salary.

As one might expect, the Ginger Hammer said no, once he was able to get his laughter under control. Or something like that.

NFLPA executive director De Smith has apparently sought an inquiry into the matter, given that it's likely Elvis who has the most to lose.

We're skeptical that the league would bend here, but there is something to be encouraged about - if the Broncos are looking for help, then it would follow that Dumervil has not changed his mind (yet) about sticking around.

If he really wants to test the market, here's his chance, and surely he'd have to be on board for Denver to find any relief from the NFL.

Then again, agent Marty Magid says Elvis will be visiting with other teams after the owners' meetings conclude on Wednesday. Perhaps that's Denver's new deadline to get something done...


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Hey, perhaps the NFL is finally getting serious about reducing head injuries.

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