Ellis speaks, says little Lard 11-5-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Mike Klis nabbed an interview with Broncos COO Joe Ellis, who responded to questions about Josh McDaniels, Pat Bowlen and Denver’s disappointing season with typical canned responses one would expect from a person in Ellis’ role. Frankly, it’s difficult (impossible?) to find anything of substance within his words, although Klis points out that Ellis didn’t guarantee that McDaniels would be around in 2011. But votes of confidence and guarantees that a coach/GM will return are often meaningless - when asked but three months ago if the Mets’ last GM would return, team owner Fred Wilpon responded rhetorically with, “Is the sun going to come up tomorrow?” only to axe Omar Minaya the day after the season ended. Besides, we’ve already heard that McDaniels will be back in 2011, and for good reason. We’ve been over the roster overhaul many times, but as Adam Schefter and others have pointed out, Mr. B is paying Mike Shanahan and McDaniels about $6.5 million in 2011 - the former not to coach, and the latter to coach. Pat Bowlen is not about to pay three head coaches at the same time. So, if it matters to you, Pat Bowlen and Joe Ellis are not happy with the Broncos’ season thus far, and the whole organization is trying really, really hard to win every week. In other words, keep buying tickets, concessions and merchandise - they feel your pain, but what did you expect them to say?


Here is Klis’ writeup of his interview with Ellis.

Just how much autonomy do the Broncos’ offensive and defensive coordinators have? Legwold addresses the question.

Legwold says that Kyle Orton’s right shoulder is currently nowhere near 100%, thanks to that giant hit he took from the Niners’ Manny Lawson on Sunday.

TE/FB Dan Gronkowski sat down for a few questions with DB.com’s Eric Detweiler.

Mark Kiszla tries to make the case that Denver should have gone after Shawne Merriman. But let’s not forget that the Dolts are 3-5 themselves, and aren’t saving much in the way of cash by letting Merriman go with 8 games left. There’s a reason they dumped him for nothing…

As most of you probably know, Jake Plummer is playing a lot of handball these days. Yahoo! caught up with Jake, who had some interesting things to say about Mike Shanahan. You know, I always used to laugh when people would cite the fact that Shanny hadn’t done much post-Elway. But perhaps they had a point…


Jason Campbell will get the start again for Jokeland, as Bruce Gradkowski is not yet healthy.

Jokeland and the Chefs as contenders? What are we, in the Twilight Zone or something?!

Chefs players are fine with the team’s decision not to pick up Randy Moss. Plus, notes on the Chefs.

The Dolts signed WR Kelley Washington and released T Adam Terry.

The Dolts have gone 6 seasons without allowing back-to-back 300-yard passing games; they’ll have to stop Matt Schaub this week to keep that streak alive. Then again, they won last week - so who cares?


Luis DeLoureiro takes a look at how QBs perform relative to the score - some actually perform best when the score is close, ie David Garrard, while some are much better when it’s a 10+ point game, ie Brett Favruh. Interesting stuff. Meanwhile, Kyle Orton again ranks 3rd in DeLoureiro’s efficiency ratings.

Randy Cross makes some midseason observations.

In his second-half predictions, Jim Trotter points out that it would be crazy to start Tim Tebow at QB. Couldn’t agree more…

Don Banks tells us what has stood out to him over the course of the season thus far.

Matt Bowen on the players, teams and matchups to look out for in Week 9.

Here’s what Pat Kirwan is looking forward to this weekend.

Jack Bechta on how older players can manage to extend their careers by behaving well.

Mike Tanier examines the Jets’ offense in his weekly Walkthrough.

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