Eli: Willies were extra wet for ESPN ad

Eli tells Jason Cole how he and Peyton improv'd their SportsCenter commercial:

Originally, it was a hitting thing. He was hitting me in the shoulder, my right shoulder. Typical of brothers, I said, 'Hey, Peyton, you're hitting me kind of hard, calm down a little bit.' So the next one, of course, he hit me even harder and we get into a full wrestling match right there in the hallway. We're on the ground, they're yelling 'Cut!' and we're not stopping. It got a little heated. It was pretty realistic because it started with me giving him a wet willie. The director says, 'We got it' and I said, 'No, I think I need one more take, that wasn't quite right. I'm not quite getting it, I blinked on that one.' So I kept giving him more wet willies and I was really lubing up the fingers. So I messed with him and it got a little more heated than I think they expected. So then we ended up with the old behind-the-back kick that we used to do to each other.

Funny behind-the-scenes stuff from Eli; also, little brother is "amused" by the coverage in New York of the Jets' punt protector, essentially calling Teebs a "distraction," and he's prompt to correct the record with what-have-you-done-for-me-lately types like Cole who suggest Eli has supplanted Peyton as an NFL quarterback.

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