Early metrics: Broncos are pretty good

Now that we're three weeks into the season, stats and metrics can begin to have at least some meaning.

But as noted in the title, it's still rather early - so take these rankings with a grain of salt.

Brian Burke's efficiency rankings - which consider passing, running, turnovers, penalties, and strength of schedule - have Denver as the third-most efficient team in the league (sixth in offense, third in defense), behind the Texans and Eagles.

According to ANS, the Broncos are around the league average in terms of passing offense and throwing interceptions, while they are worse than average relative to fumbling on offense, intercepting passes on defense, and in how often they've been penalized.

Where Denver has thrived, according to Burke's figures, is it pass defense and run defense (second-best in the league).

PFR's Simple Rating System (SRS) also ranks Denver third overall, behind Houston and Atlanta - the two teams the Broncos have lost to. SRS is based upon margin of victory, strength of schedule, and offensive and defensive quality relative to the league averages.

Under both methods, Denver's schedule looms large; according to both ANS and PFR, the Broncos have faced the most difficult schedule of all 32 teams to this point.

Burke's numbers have Oakland ranked 26th, while SRS has them 19th.

If all goes according to plan Sunday, Denver will assert its superiority, and we'll see their SoS figures take a hit next week.

Because, everything always goes how it's supposed to, right?

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