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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his latest mailbag, Mike Klis thankfully eschews assigning a grade to Denver's recent draft.

Of course, that didn't stop his colleague Jeff Legwold from doing so, but one out of two ain't so terrible, right?

Back to Klis, he says the selection of QB Zac Dysert (which we predicted in Kreskin-like fashion) is about prodding Brock Osweiler's development along, but not about providing him real competition. Obviously, that could be the outcome, but it's not the intent. Where each player was selected should speak volumes about what Denver thinks of them, were it not already clear.

As for the matchup safety Ted's been begging for, Klis says the team was enamored with LSU's Eric Reid, and he suggests that an impressive showing from Kayvon Webster could push either Champ Bailey or Chris Harris to safety.

In sticking up for himself and Leggy, Klis ridiculously suggests that the 214-pound Montee Ball is a "couple pounds shy" of being classified as a "big back."

Really, at this point, we (they) should all just drop the notion that Denver wanted a bigger back, and just agree that they obviously wanted another back, or perhaps a better one.


According to Mike Florio, Shaun Phillips will count for $1.4M against Denver's 2013 cap, and his $1.6M in incentives would count for 2014, should he reach them.

John Clayton's accounting, which says the Broncos are currently $8.4M under the cap, agrees with Florio's, but that likely needs updating after the Phillips signing, and they should have more like $7.4M at this point.

Andrew Mason discusses the undrafted rookies he thinks have the best chance at cracking Denver's 53-man roster.

As Jeff Legwold sees it, stiff hips are what keep David Bruton from being used more in pass coverage.


Jags WR Justin Blackmon has been suspended four games by the NFL for a violation of the substance abuse policy. As a player who came into the league with off-the-field problems, his contract was written up with protections for the team, and this suspension could end up voiding much of the guarantees that remain in his deal and forcing him to give back part of his signing bonus.

Oakland re-signed kicker Eddy Carmona, so that Sebastian Janikowski has a drinking buddy for training camp; New England released G Brian Waters; Pittsburgh added punter Brian MoormanMiami will host T Eric Winston; the Giants will visit with RB Tim Hightower.

Geno Smith's pouting didn't stop with almost going home after the first round - he's now fired his agents, although he claims his decision wasn't spurred only by the draft.

Chris Polian, son of Bill, has followed (new GM) David Caldwell to Jacksonville, where he'll be a scouting director.

Tim Tebow

This will only surprise a certain segment of the population, but the Ultimate Teammate™ cleared waivers despite a $3.5M pricetag over two years, which would seem a bargain for the greatest human/athlete ever born. Of course, this means it will indeed be the LOLJets who pay Denver the $1.53M they're owed, and not some other sucker team.

The job proposals continue to pile up for Teebs, as the Omaha Beef of the IFL offered him $75/week, which is a nice fallback, should the CFL, AFL, and LFL fail to pique his interest.

There are even more potential opportunities beyond that, so don't feel too badly for the guy.

Meanwhile, the marketability of the UT™ continues to plummet, and Bob Tebow sounds like he's mad at the game of football right now, since that's of course where the fault lies.

Bill Barnwell doesn't think it's such a foregone conclusion that Timmy would be able to transition to another position quickly enough to make signing him worthwhile.

Could this be the last Taiwanese Animation episode to star Teebs? We'll say not.


Bucky Brooks offers his analysis of the recent drafts by the AFCE and NFCE teams.

Denver got a middling 2.54 GPA from the draft graders cited by FO.

Doug Farrar lists the ten prospects he currently thinks would be taken atop next year's draft; Frank Schwab lists another group of intriguing prospects.

PFF continues its ranking of the top 101 players in the NFL, with 70-61 and 60-51; Chris Harris comes in at #64.

Jason Collins

Peter King believes the key figures in paving the way for gay NFL players to come out are the owners, GMs, and coaches.

Former Cowboy Tony Casillas says he knows he's had gay teammates, and he thinks players being out in the NFL wouldn't be a big deal.

As a Christian, Matt Yoder is offended by the homophobic reaction to this story by his most vocal fellow believers.

Jason Whitlock fears the sure-to-come criticism of Collins, and if anyone wants to know the difference between Collins and Teebs, here is a succinct explanation.

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