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I wrote a bit today on the subject of the improvements that can be seen in the Broncos this season over last, but came across this today and thought that it was worth sharing. One area where the Broncos were having a lot of difficulty last season was in the area of dropped passes. Brandon Marshall, in particular, had too many and received a lot of fairly just criticism for that.

Things have changed, and very much for the better. The Broncos are tied for 30th in the league ( a low rank means fewer drops) at 18 drops. Oddly, one of the teams tied for the best record in the league is Chicago, which only has 17 drops on the season. They didn't count the drops that happened to the cornerbacks and safeties of opposing teams, though, nor did they count the INTs into those figures. Even so - as much as you can argue the Cutler is having a terrible year, his receivers are holding on to the ball, as are the Broncos.

On the other hand, our rival in the AFC West, the Kansas City Chiefs, is getting close to setting an NFL record. They currently have 46 drops over the course of the season with 2 games left. The current record is 52 drops in a single season, set by the Miami Dolphins in 1992. The stat has only been kept for 17 years, courtesy of STATS LLC. You can look for yourself right here. KC will need 3 drops per game to tie the record and an extra one to break it. Here's to hoping that the Broncos will be on the field with them when history is made!

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