Drew Brees: Selfish bastard or Randian hero? Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Andrew Brandt shares all the details on the Drew Brees contract, which is essentially a three-year, $61M deal.

As for talk of Brees being "greedy," why shouldn't he be the highest-paid player? After all, he was a free agent and is younger and healthier than Peyton.

His legal battle over the franchise tag was about much more than Drew Brees - it was an issue for all tagged players, and an important victory for the players and the concept of free agency.

Because, think about it - was Brees free this offseason to go wherever he wanted? No, he wasn't.

Granted, it's players like Drew Brees for whom the franchise tag system was first created, and the whole point is about teams getting to hang onto their iconic stars. And, it's only right that he got paid the going rate for an elite, all-time great QB still in his prime. We're not going to say the players "knew the risks" of playing the violent sport and then criticize them for seeking big bucks, right? Because wouldn't that be ridiculous?

Or, are we going to applaud the business savvy of NFL owners and stick up for their capitalistic rights, but turn around and say the players who want to get paid more are selfish? Not sure what took Mike Florio so long to see the hypocrisy of all that, but at least he has.

Let's also remember that this lucrative contract by the NFLPA executive committee member will help his fellow players gain more pay as well.

Anyway, the deadline for teams to agree to long-term deals with their tagged players is Monday afternoon, but little is expected to happen by then. Raiders safety Tyon Branch has reportedly just agreed to a four-year contract, Matt Forte may finally get a contract from the Bears, and it's apparently a tossup regarding Wes Welker's chances for a new deal.

But it sounds fairly certain that Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe, Niners S Dashon Goldson, and Cowboys LB Anthony Spencer will not get multi-year contracts. 


Mike Klis is at the Manning Passing Academy, and he says Peyton is just as involved and intense there as at Dove Valley. Bubby Brister is one of the counselors, while Caleb Hanie and Adam Weber were counselors in the past. The Times-Picayune and AP have more coverage of the camp, including more quotes from Peyton.

Tracy Porter's foundation is working to fight childhood obesity in Colorado. Strange that a Bronco who didn't play with Teebs is doing charity work, no?

The Broncos' special teams coaches say they still invoke the story of Terrell Davis's devastating hit against the Niners in Tokyo when explaining how young players can gain notice. For good measure:

In a Q&A with the official site, offensive quality control coach Brian Callahan details his ridiculously long work hours.

Denver's two playoff games drew more television viewers than several more important (read: later) playoff games, and all the NFL playoff games fared better than the BCS title game, the Final Four, and the NBA Finals, with the only exception being Bengals/Texans, which was beaten out by the BCS game.

Matt Bowen breaks down the "Levels" passing concept Manning & Co. used so well with Indy, and we can be sure to see going forward in Denver.


Tomorrow is the deadline for teams to choose whether to set a lower blackout threshold, and so far the Bucs are the only team to trigger it. The Titans, Jaguars, and Bills said they'll pass, since the benchmark is fixed for the entire season and requires more revenue sharing on all ticket sales above the threshold.

Seattle released WR Mike Williams, who had been a major comeback story in 2010 after being with his college coach Pete Carroll.

Larry Lumpkin, the Carson-Newman LB who had entered the supplemental draft, signed with the Colts.

Gregg Williams says he will coach again, but he won't say more beyond that and is still maintaining a low profile. BTW, you know the "Kill the head and the body will die" line that has been cited to make Williams out to be the Antichrist? Turns out it was the motto for the Chiefs defensive line in 2008.


In considering the case of Arian Foster, Seth Payne points to Tony Gonzalez, Carl Lewis, and Timothy Bradley as world-class athletes who have chosen vegan diets.

Matt Waldman analyzes the Browns' selection of WR Josh Gordon, who says he's learned from his past personal mistakes.

Chase Stuart reminds us not to be wowed by Matthew Stafford's counting stats and instead focus on the rate numbers, plus a HOF-related trivia question

Mike & Mike will have a new NFL highlights show for the Worldwide Leader.


Michael Jordan apparently preferred signing with Converse or Adidas to going with Nike 28 years ago, but they didn't show much interest. Imagine how different the sports world would look today had that all gone differently?

Shockingly (not), Joe Paterno renegotiated his contract just in advance of the Sandusky scandal blowing up. At least LaVarr Arrington has the right attitude about his alma mater, even if Matt Millen and others do not.

Drew Magary has a plan for PSU's football program which would thankfully prevent it from turning into a feel-good story, and he decries the state of baby names in America.

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