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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Largely due to his absence during OTAs, most of the talk at Dove Valley on Tuesday was about the return of Willis McGahee.

Besides, during padless and mostly non-contact practices, how much is there really to discuss?

For his part, Willis says he's been at 100% health for a while now, and has even lost an undisclosed amount of weight along the way. However much he's lost, he's still surely the heaviest back on Denver's roster, with his listed 235 only neighbored by undrafted rookie C.J. Anderson's 224.

Mark Kiszla declares McGahee to be Denver's toughest back, but it remains to be seen what Montee Ball has to say about that.

The 31-year-old's limited work on Tuesday morning was attributed to his not having been around for OTAs, but as Andrew Mason notes, the team probably wanted to get its younger backs more snaps anyway, given that McGahee is a steady, known quantity.

Of course, all this speculation about early June practice reps may be mooter than moot, since the team held an afternoon walkthrough that was closed to the media. For all we know, Willis could have received the lion's share of activity then.

FWIW, Jeff Legwold kind of portrays Willis's decision to attend minicamp as having been motivated by the possibility of being fined.


Chris Hall wraps up the day's action for BTV (video).

Peyton Manning has seen many players enter the league with a sense of entitlement, and he's warned Montee Ball not to allow complacency to creep in.

Manning and Eric Decker say the timing between the quarterback and his receivers continues to improve.

Jeff Legwold thinks the team's biggest question heading to training camp will be the offensive line, but we pretty much know who the starting five will be (Clady, Beadles, Walton, Vasquez, Franklin). Isn't middle linebacker a far bigger unknown at this point?

Dan Pompei calls Denver's signing of Terrance Knighton his favorite under-the-radar move of the offseason among AFCW teams.

Paul Klee's Broncos knowledge doesn't seem to go back very far (certainly less than 15 years), as he says the expectations facing these Broncos are the highest in Colorado sports history.

Ben Garland's grandparents, who lost their home to last year's wildfires, are now located within a mile of another one. We wish them well.

Big Play Shay, Stink, Mo "Gettin My Goose On" Clarett, and Rahim the Dream grace PFT Commenter's Broncos Mount Flushmore.


The NFL is considering several options for future drafts, including different sites each year, or even multiple sites for each day of the draft. In the case of the latter, Don Banks says the league would not have teams represented in person, instead turning the event into more of a fan-focused experience.

Baltimore ended up cutting FB Vonta Leach, who says he'd like to return to Houston, and will visit Miami, who claimed FB Evan Rodriguez off waivers from Chicago, who signed former Saints DT Sedrick Ellis. Got all that?

Indy signed former Giants RB Ahmad BradshawJacksonville claimed QB Mike Kafka off waivers from New EnglandTarvaris Jackson, recently cut by Buffalo, may end up back in Seattle; Takeo Spikes is visiting the Rams; Donte' Stallworth tried out for Washington; Austin Collie worked out for the Patriots.

Green Bay is expected to cut former starting inside linebacker Desmond Bishop, and they signed WR Terrell Sinkfield, he of the supposed 4.19-second forty time.

Texans safety Ed Reed suggests the hip injury that recently required surgery and may delay the start to his season was caused by Tom Brady's cheap kick at him during the AFC title game.

An elevator mechanic was killed during construction of the Niners' new stadium.

Not that anything better should be expected of him, but the Ginger Hammer wrote some ridiculous things in a letter to Congress regarding the blatantly racist name of Washington's football franchise.


Chase Stuart continues Doug Drinen's work toward figuring out how many wins a coach should be expected to win in a given season.

Scott Kacsmar examines the league's growing reliance upon (and success with) the passing game.

Of course, Vince Lombardi is #1 on ESPN's list inspired by the 100th anniversary of his birth; here's his coaching tree, plus a list from Greg Garber of current coaches he thinks could join the pantheon.

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is wearing #5 with the Patriots and signed a two-year deal with nothing guaranteed, which means he can be cut at any time with no cap consequences.

Going all the way back to Tebow's high school days, Chris Brown is still waiting for the jack-of-no-trades to show he can read a progression, a skill he's seen little to no improvement in, if not regression.

Les Carpenter says Timmy's throws were "crisper, harder, and wobbled less than in the past," but he allows that this could be nothing more than a three-day minicamp tryout.

Eric Decker describes Timmy as a "good" teammate, which is obviously a far cry from the Ultimate Teammate™.

Heisman winner Johnny Manziel says he considers himself a better passer than the lefty who throws like he's a righty, and he took Skip Bayless to the woodshed yesterday morning:

Addressing Bayless, who is well known for his admiration for Tebow, Manziel said, "I just don't, like you, hang on one throw in one game in the playoffs, regardless if it was a great throw."

When Bayless pointed out that Tebow made more than just one great throw during the 2011 season with the Denver Broncos, Manziel said it was just "four or five when you've got a season of 300, 400 throws."

Peter King hilariously holds up the success of Russell Wilson in Seattle as his reasoning to suggest that signing Tebow was a good idea.

Chris Chase tells people to stop whining about Tebow coverage; naturally, Tommy from Quinzee is excited to have the UT™ in Foxboro; Drew Magary is also excited about the move, but not in the same sense that Timmy uses his favorite word. ESPN's favorite word, of course, is timtebow.

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