Draft is fun, but why have one? Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! With the NFL draft set to kick off in just a few hours, now's as good a time as any to ponder one of the most basic of questions regarding the event:

Why should we even have one?

Defenders of the draft always point to the need to maintain competitive balance in the league, but as Patrick Hruby reminds us, the teams that routinely pick at the top of the draft don't seem to benefit as much as this theory would suggest.

The whole point of the draft, also noted by Hruby - both in its inception and its current state (hello, CBA) - was and is to keep player salaries down.

There aren't many better examples out there than Denver's own Von Miller, who is one of the league's very best talents, yet will be paid in 2013 a tiny fraction ($2.28M in salary) of what he'd likely command worth on the open market ($15M-20M).

Yes, he's still making a lot of money, but if you would be willing to be paid one-eighth of your market value, without having any choice of where you live, or who you work for, well, there's a word for you.

That Von never had the leverage John Elway (Yankees) and Jim Kelly (USFL) did thirty years ago meant he was stuck as a Bronco - he couldn't hold out or force a trade, and he was locked into a salary structure that completely ignores how good he is at his job.

As Broncos fans, we should of course be happy that Von is a Bronco, and that he didn't get to choose his employer two years ago.

We should likewise be happy that at his current production level, Denver will have under-market control over Von through the 2017 season.

These are undoubtedly good things for the Broncos, and for our chances of seeing them hoist another Lombardi Trophy or two.

But if one is all about the American way of free markets and will, how can one possibly support the concept of a draft?


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