Draft day two midday Lard 4-29-11

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Several Denver players showed up at Dove Valley this morning to work out and pick up playbooks. Here's LJ's list of the players in order of arrival. Riveting stuff, truly.

On the labor front, Mike Silver is reporting that the Eighth Circuit may issue a temporary "administrative" stay of Judge Nelson's lockout injunction, in which case the lockout would not be lifted before at least Monday. Confused? Yeah, me too...


Jason La Canfora sees the possibility of a lot more QB action tonight, with some teams perhaps interested in moving up to the first pick (#33). He specifically cites Cincy's interest in TCU's Andy Dalton and Oakland's in Colin Kaepernick of Nevada.

Plus, he says the Vikings are still the likeliest landing spot for Donovan McNabb.

According to Mort, Cincy actually tried to move up to #32 for Dalton in a potential deal with Green Bay.

Here's Wes Bunting's updated big board in which he calls Oregon State's Stephen Paea a "second-round gem" and lists UNC's Marvin Austin outside the top 20 players left. Plus, his second-round mock which has Denver taking Austin and Miami CB Brandon Harris.

Gil Brandt updates his board with tiered player rankings.

In Pat Kirwan's Day 2 mock, he has Denver taking Clemson's Da'Quan Bowers, UCLA S Rahim Moore and Tennessee TE Luke Stocker.

Among CHFF's first-round grades is an A+ for Denver and their selection of Von Miller.

CHFF saw a few rather questionable moves last night, most notably Atlanta's move up for Julio Jones.

Andrew Brandt spent some time in the Green Room at Radio City last night.

Brian Burke examines the shrinking number of first-round RBs over the years.

One-liners via PFT.

The late first-round trade blunder was apparently Chicago's fault.


Does the sound of Roger Goodell getting booed get old? No, it most definitely does not.

Peyton Hillis thinks the Madden Curse won't befall him because he just prays better, is all.

Who ever said male figure skaters aren't tough?!?!

You know why football is better than futbol? Because 18-month-olds can be really good at futbol. No, really - check this out.

Who better to analyze Tiger Woods' failed marriage than one John Daly?

So, we've seen hoopster stunts and QB stunts. But naturally, what we've all really been waiting for are long snapper stunts.

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