Doom’s side of story: Elvis wasn’t packing

Normally, the truth is somewhat equidistant to the different sides of a story. And it remains to be seen whether the Miami Beach police report or Elvis Dumervil's version of events is closer to what actually happened in Miami this weekend. But if the account being disseminated by Elvis's people is to be believed, then Broncos Country can breathe a mighty sigh of relief.

According to Mike Klis, two sources close to Dumervil (his agent and attorney?) say Elvis was not armed during Saturday evening's traffic altercation, and that the gun found in the glovebox of the Land Rover he was driving did not belong to him.

Making that segment of the story more believable is that the Land Rover in question is apparently not Elvis's either (because if it were his, then he should probably know if there's a firearm present, right?). If this account is true, then suddenly it makes sense that Doom didn't know there was a gun in the vehicle.

Again, the truth is likely somewhere in the middle, but it's nice to know that Dumervil's side of the story is one quite a bit removed from what we learned this morning. Perhaps that's why Elvis is kind of smiling in his mugshot.

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