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Good Morning, Broncos fans! According to KDVR, the incident which resulted in star defensive end Elvis Dumervil's Saturday arrest in Miami was a heated argument.

Over a freaking parking spot.

Here's what KDVR is reporting:

A police report detailing the incident and Dumervil’s arrest won’t be available until Monday, but initial reports suggest an argument about a parking spot between Dumervil and another individual escalated to the point that Dumervil may face a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Obviously, we can only hope no charges will ultimately be filed, as Dumervil's agent suggests. But even if that's the outcome, there's always a chance the Ginger Hammer views this as a second transgression by Elvis and suspends him for a game or so. And the likelihood of Appeals Court Judge Goodell potentially overturning a potential ruling by Judge Goodell is rather slim, if we get to that point.

Update 9:20am ET: Vic Lombardi tweeted the following early this morning:

Some clarity in the Dumervil case. The dispute wasn't over parking spot. The car carrying Elvis cut off by another car. Other driver female. Also male passenger in other car involved in the ruckus. No charges were filed. Elvis attorney expects full exoneration. Plenty more details when the police report is released tomorrow. If it's released.


According to PFT, the Broncos have an extra $840K in cap room as compared to three weeks ago. This is attributable to Matt Prater's new deal, because his $3M signing bonus is accounted for over the fouryears of his contract. So, his cap number is $1.8125M instead of the $2.654M franchise tag figure he'd counted as last time PFT checked in. Wow, those salary and cap numbers for Prater are just outlandish for a guy who is 21 of 36 (58.3%) for his career from 40-49 yards.

Training camp begins a week from Thursday (players report on Wednesday), and expectations are that the pace of practice will be dictated by Peyton Manning.

Former Rutgers player Eric LeGrand fills in for PK to write today's MMQB column, and he details his own paralysis, his trip to the ESPYs, and how he came to be a Broncos fan despite growing up in Giants/Jets Land.


As expected, Cowboys LB Anthony Spencer will not receive a long-term deal from the team, and he will instead play under his franchise tag this season.

Ben Roethlisberger sent a video message to a Steelers fan in Colorado(!) who has terminal cancer. She has tickets to the season opening SNF game, and she'll be the only Steelers fan we'll be happy to see in attendance.

Erie County officials are seeking assurances the Bills will not leave the area in exchange for public funds to subsidize renovations to Ralph Wilson Stadium. Now, the people who are fond of these arrangements, they're not the same ones who think taxes = soshulism, right?


Matt Bowen lays out the most common causes of defensive backs getting burnt in coverage.

Over at PFF, Austin Lee is using fantasy stats to demonstrate at what age star players tend to decline; for quarterbacks, it's 36 (yup, PMFM is 36), and for running backs, it's not 30, it's not 28, but it's 26. Lee plans to avoid drafting Peyton with his fantasy teams, and he holds TD up as an example of the most dramatic RB declines.

Mark Cuban, feeling strong after his takedown of Skip Bayless, took aim at Bill Simmons on Twitter. However, he stooped to Bayless levels by going scoreboard on the Sports Guy.

Dan Wetzel points to the stunning hypocrisy of ex-PSU president Graham Spanier evidenced by the severe punishment he meted out to an agent who bought Curtis Enis a suit for a TV appearance, only months ahead of some serious allegations against Jerry Sandusky.

I feel like a dummy for having missed this yesterday, but Happy Belated Birthday to our own Ted Bartlett!

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