Don’t get your statistical analysis from PK or the DP Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Let's kick off the week with some key points from Peter King's MMQB column:

  • RG3 is expected to be fully ready to go for both training camp and the start of the regular season
  • The Honey Badger is opening eyes in Arizona at safety, with Carson Palmer likening him to Troy Polamalu
  • His argument would be more effective with actual numbers than straw men, but PK is at least on the right path when he suggests teams should go for two points after every touchdown, except in certain late game situations

King assumes a 66% success rate, which seems a bit high. Of course, if we're to rely upon real maths, we should consult with our friend Brian Burke, who long ago covered the concept here, and another friend, Chase Stuart, who discussed the psychology behind the decision in November.

Obviously, we'd like for the Broncos to go for two every time they score, but John Fox is going to have to start going for touchdowns instead of field goals before we're to cross that bridge.


Andrew Mason discusses the versatility of Jacob Hester within Denver's offense, which Hester says he learned through early morning and late evening cram sessions with Brock Osweiler and Caleb Hanie after his mid-season signing last year.

From the DP comes a suggestion that the Broncos ran the fourth fastest offense in the NFL last year. Of course, we should never leave statistical analysis up to them; tempo isn't solely determined by how many plays a team runs. In order to isolate how quickly an offense operates, time of possession must be considered, as Stuart did last month; according to his data, the Broncos were only the tenth fastest offense.

Terry Frei offers a remembrance of Eric Studesville's parents, for whom a service will be held on Saturday in Madison, WI. Here are the obituaries for Alfonso Studesville Jr. and Janet Studesville from Madison.

Shannon Sharpe rocked a pink suit and purple bowtie at Game 2 of the NBA Finals last night.


HOFer Jim Brown thinks the NFL has only recently taken head injuries seriously, and that the league is behind NASCAR in that regard. Like his fellow Syracuse alum Floyd Little, he thinks the new rule prohibiting runners from lowering their heads is well intentioned, but illogical.

NFL retirees are divided over whether a $42M settlement is sufficient compensation for use of their images by the league and NFL Films.

The Bears are shipping 2011 first-rounder Gabe Carimi to Tampa Bay in exchange for a sixth-rounder in 2014.

Dolphins TE Dustin Keller says he's glad to have left the circus that is the LOLJets.


Mike Tanier discusses the more silly recent news items from around the NFL, including the hilarious delayed denial from Bill Belichick that he hates Tim Tebow the football player, and the real context of the Steelers' recent quotes about the Ultimate Teammate™.

Don Shula ranks #3 on ESPN's list of the greatest coaches of all time.

Stuart uses Vegas spreads to discern implied SRS ratings for 83 NCAA teams, with Colorado at the bottom of the list.

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