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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Denver heads into the six-week lull between minicamp and training camp (which starts July 25) with all but two of their players signed - Sylvester Williams and Ryan Clady.

According to Mike Klis, Montee Ball's four-year deal is worth $3.53M, while Kayvon Webster's has a value of $2.72M.

Klis suggests that getting Williams signed "won't be a problem" due to the league's slotting system, and he's probably correct.

However, there is one factor to consider - offset language.

Save for the highest picks each year, rookie contracts contain offsets, which stipulate that when a player is cut before the guaranteed salary portion of his deal is up, and is signed by another team, the salary paid by the new team offsets what the original team owes him.

Normally, this wouldn't come into play with a player like Williams, who was drafted at #28, but the Rams have given Alec Ogletree, the #30 pick, a contract with no offsets.

Mike Florio thinks this deal could provide the agents for other late first-rounders with some leverage to attain offset-free deals for their players, including Williams.

To be clear, this isn't a significant or dramatic issue - we're not talking about something that would create a training camp holdout.

Additionally, capologist Jason Fitzgerald says the Broncos have shown themselves to be one of the harder line franchises when it comes to rookie contracts, and speculates that they "would likely not even entertain the issue if brought up."

Considering that Fitzgerald spends his time analyzing NFL contracts and negotiations, while Florio spends his palling around with player agents, we're going to figure that signing Sly will be the walk in the park that Klis suggests it will be.

But it wouldn't surprise us to see Florio milk a couple of July headlines out of the Broncos' negotiation with Williams along the way.


Videos: John Fox and Wes Welker speak after practice; Chris Hall discusses the release of Willis McGahee for BTV.

Fox, Knowshon Moreno, Montee Ball, and Ronnie Hillman offer their thoughts regarding McGahee's release.

Thankfully, Klis isn't humoring the ridiculous notion that McGahee's absence from OTAs contributed to his release. But he does say that waiting until they saw firsthand that Willis is healthy may have saved the team from a $500K injury settlement. Klis figures that Jacob Hester now moves up to #4 on the RB depth chart, with C.J. Anderson potentially competing with him for the role of Denver's "big back."

In the release of McGahee, Mark Kiszla sees proof that John Elway is willing to make the coldhearted decisions that Shanny couldn't.


As a safety measure, NFL teams are moving to limit the size and types of bags that are permitted into stadiums on game days.

Hack of all hacks David Chao is leaving his position as the Chargers team doctor. If you're unfamiliar with Chao's story, here are two stories on him from our own Doc Bear.

Seattle brought back QB Tarvaris JacksonTampa Bay signed ex-Raiders WR Derek Hagan; Jacksonville waived DE Austen Lane among a flurry of moves.

San Francisco already lost newly signed WR Brandon Carswell to a torn ACL in his first practice, which may prompt them to sign ex-Colts WR Austin Collie, who worked out for them yesterday.


According to FO's data, the Broncos used their nickel package 78.5% of the time when they faced 11 personnel in 2012.

Bucky Brooks expects so much out of the Dolphins offense this season that he could see the team challenge the Patriots for control of the AFCE.

Here's PFT Commenter's Mount Flushmore segment for the AFCN teams.

In honor of his site's first year of existence (Happy Birthday!), Chase Stuart is running a contest based upon a picture that probably relates to Approximate Value.


In an open letter to Dan Snyder, Dave Zirin ponders the potential for a shitstorm if Washington were to reach the Super Bowl, and he offers Snyder a worthy challenge which the litigious asshole would clearly never take up.

Since racists, sexists, and bigots all tend to trot out the same arguments to defend each of their despicable practices, it should surprise nobody that support for the blatantly racist name of Snyder's team reads a lot like endorsements of the Confederate flag.

Over at SportsGrid, some more reaction to Roger Goodell's bullshit-laden letter to Congress defending the blatantly racist name in question.

Tim Tebow

Naturally, there's already a Tebow football card as a Patriot, a Tebowing Pat the Patriot t-shirt, and even shirts that read, Brady Who?

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