Does Greg Bedard know he doesn’t work for the Boston Globe anymore?

We get it. The Patriots have been the league's model franchise for nearly 15 years now.

Bill Belichick is a football genius, and Tom Brady is a GOAT.

None of this is in question.

But for crying out loud, does Greg Bedard even know that other teams exist anymore?

Does everything in life relate to the Patriots?

No, Greg, it does not.

Let's examine a few recent points of Bedard's...

The title of a recent column from Greg: Belichick Sells High

The subtitle: Five years ago, Bill Belichick and the Patriots traded star DT Richard Seymour eight days before the start of the season. History repeated itself on Tuesday when the Pats sent stalwart guard Logan Mankins packing

Of course, Bedard spends the rest of the column explaining why Mankins now sucks. Of course he does, or else, why would Billy trade the dude, right?

First of all, how is it even possible to "sell high" on a 32-year-old lineman?

Has there even been a lineman who peaked after his 32nd birthday (rhetorical question)?

Trading a 32-year-old lineman is about getting as much as you can for him, because every day that passes, his value is going to drop.

Yes, there was something ballsy about Belichick's move, as is often the case.

But to describe the trade as selling high is just obnoxious. Masshole-ish, even.

Following his visit to Pats camp, Bedard wrote the following about the swap of Aqib Talib for Darrelle Revis:

Patriots fans were so starved for even mediocre cornerback play that they thought Aqib Talib was a mixture of Deion Sanders and Willie Brown. Wait until they get a load of Revis, who is far better than Talib and much more durable.

We're not about to argue that Talib is in Revis's league.

There's nothing wrong with what Bedard wrote, until his last three words: much more durable.

Over his six NFL seasons, Talib played in 77 out of a possible 96 games. He was suspended for four of them.

Without examining this in excruciating detail, we'll give Bedard the benefit of the doubt and assume that Talib was hurt for the other 15 games he missed.

Revis has been around for seven seasons, and has played in 95 out of 112 games.

Yup, that's 17 games missed due to injury.

Sure, Talib has been injured more times than Revis, who has played all 16 games in five of his seven seasons.

But to say he's been much more durable is pure intellectual laziness, given how many games the two players have missed.

Then, there was today's Preview and Predictions column by the MMQB staff.

Bedard shoehorned as many Patriots mentions as he could possibly get into the damn thing.

We're not even going to bother with these two:

Who has more left in the tank, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

Greg Bedard: Tom Brady, no question. Physically, he’s much better at this point than Manning.

"No question."

The team most likely to break fans’ hearts …

Greg Bedard: Broncos. Despite loading up on both sides of the ball, they’ll fall short against a more physical team (the Patriots) again.

This one, though, is the heighth of Masshole-ishness:

The most intriguing (non-Manziel) storyline …

Greg Bedard: The Seahawks being first legit back-to-back champions threat since the 2003-04 Patriots.

What does Bedard think about when he thinks about the 2014 Seahawks? The MF-ing Patriots, of course.

So, Greg would have us believe that there haven't been any teams since the 2004 Patriots who seemed likely to win again.

But, what about these three?

  1. The 2007 Colts went 13-3, finished third in scoring, and led the league in points allowed. Yes, the Patriots (of course!) went undefeated that year, but Indy still posted an insane 12.0 SRS.
  2. A year later, the Giants were third in scoring and fifth in points allowed. Their 8.4 SRS topped the NFC and trailed only three AFC teams.
  3. The 2011 Packers started 13-0 and finished 15-1. Yes, their defense was subpar, but the team still posted a whopping 11.4 SRS, which tied with the Saints atop the league.

Yeah, none of those teams ever looked like a real threat to repeat as SB champs.

From now on, if we want more reasonable takes on the Patriots, we'll go see what Tom Curran has to say.

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