Do the Browns know they drafted Johnny Football?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! We're often told that NFL teams are stepping up their research on draft prospects.

There's the standard poking and prodding of the combine, pro days, and official visits.

There are the scouting reports, psych evals, background checks, and probably even personal investigations.

And yet, it seems the Browns didn't pay any of this stuff any attention when they drafted Johnny Manziel.

That, or they're so arrogant to think they can change who he is.

According to Chris Mortensen, owner Jimmy Haslam was unhappy about a recent video showing Manziel speaking into a wad of cash as if it were a cellphone. Per Mort, Haslam had folks in the organization approach the first-rounder about how he handles himself in public.

On its own, it's not a big deal that they would pull him aside to dispense a little advice. But ever since they drafted the kid who embraced his Johnny Football persona, the Browns have made a show of trying to keep Manziel under wraps.

But none of this should really surprise any of us. After all, Haslam allegedly grew his inherited fortune by overseeing a massive fraud scheme. If he's not the epitome of arrogance, than who is?


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