DJ Williams posts picture of Broncos field-goal formation on Twitter

Englewood--Oops, he did it again.

Only this time, he pulled his kicker into the controversy.

On Sunday morning, DJ Williams posted another picture from the Broncos' playbook: a field-goal formation, in which Broncos kicker Matter Prater lines up to attempt a field goal of any distance. The picture was up for only a few minutes before Williams took it down.  However, IAOFM's own Baxter McLove, managed to obtain the picture from an anonymous fan who stalks Williams via Twitter.

On the formation, Williams refers to himself in the third person and gives himself an apparent note and reminder that, "DJ Williams doesn't need to learn these positions."  It's speculated that Williams writes such notes because for several years, he has suffered from a condition specialists have called I don't know which damn position they are going to switch me to this year Syndrome.  During his time in Denver, has played all three linebacker spots, and in 2008, unbeknownst to Broncos fans, spent time as a staff hydration specialist.  Williams even flew back to the deep swamps of Louisiana to seek the guidance (for both linebacker play and hydration technology) of football legend Bobby Boucher.  "He was a great help," Williams was heard to say at the time.  "The guy taught me the importance of always being hydrated.  And that water really does do a better job than Gatorade."

It's thought that this obsession with the need to stay hydrated could have been part of the issue when Williams was arrested for DUI and when the league suspended Williams for six games because of what the league called a "non-human urine sample."  Williams is currently appealing the suspension.

Fan reaction to Williams' move was mixed Sunday afternoon, although most fans seemed upset Williams could have given away some important team secrets. Ronald Enojado of Westminster echoed these sentiments.  "I'm outraged over this whole thing," he said while shopping at a local King Soopers with his children.  "Now the other team is going to know that Matt Prater is going to kick the ball for sure on every field-goal try.  You don't think the Raiders are going to kick our asses now?"

Prater, for his part, remained calm for the entire three minutes the formation was made public via Williams' Twitter account.  "What can I do?" he wondered aloud.  "All I can do is go out there are kick the ball as well as I can every time. Am I frustrated they'll know what's coming?  Sure, I'm frustrated.  I wish he would have done it to Colquitt instead.  But I can't sit here and cry about it or run into a hotel and hide.  Someone's got to kick the ball, and now that we traded Tebow, he's not there to do it."

Lucy Draper, the legendary kicker from Texas State University, and mentor of Prater when he seemingly came out of nowhere two years ago, doesn't believe the pressure of the leaked information will affect Prater once he gets between the lines.  "Matthew is too mentally strong, said Draper.  "We've worked on his concentration through tantric yoga techniques, so it doesn't matter what the other team knows."

Prater, the NFL's most accurate kicker from 50 yards or more in NFL history, believes the leak may ultimately matter very little.  "Maybe with Peyton Manning here we won't have to kick any field goals anymore," he said.  "Why do you think I'm trying to cash in on my contract while I'm hot?" 

Baxter McLove is a product of superior facial hair.

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