Dirty agents Lard 10-13-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The Broncos waived defensive lineman Jeff Stehle yesterday, who had been on the practice squad. But really, the biggest news is that NFL player agent Josh Luchs has come clean about paying college players while recruiting them as potential clients. This story printed just weeks after Charles Robinson of Yahoo! wrote that Elvis Dumervil’s agent Gary Wichard was being investigated under similar allegations. In fact, Wichard is prominently featured in the SI article, along with none other than Mel Kiper. Obviously, this is a must-read article, full of interesting details and names, if perhaps not much of a shocker.


Here’s the summary of the Broncos’ weekly press release (and a link to the complete one).

Legwold compares the star cornerbacks Champ Bailey and Darrelle Revis.

He also considers how the Broncos will protect Kyle Orton against the blitz-happy Jets.

Plus, Legwold evaluates the performance of NT Jamal Williams, whose biggest shortcoming is that he’s not a three-down player.

Notes from LJ.

Bill Barnwell is quite impressed by Brandon Lloyd and Kyle Orton, who ranks atop the QBs for DYAR for Week 5. Of course, we know those numbers were padded in garbage time, and big time.

Krieger makes the brilliant leap that the 2010 Broncos are just like the 2008 Broncos. Yes, there are injuries and the offense is struggling to put up points, but really? All it takes is a simple look at the rosters to compare, as you’ll see that guys like Vernon Fox, Calvin Lowry, Marquand Manuel, Marlon McCree, Boss Bailey, Nate Webster, Josh Bell and Roderick Rogers all started for the 2008 defense. In fact, everyone on that list started multiple games except for Rogers. I think one would be hard-pressed to argue that any of those players are better than any defensive player on Denver’s roster of today. The 2008 Broncos were a shambles that barely won several games it should have lost (via luck, not skill) and had an historically bad defense which allowed an insane 448 points. If somehow one would suggest the Broncos deserved those lucky wins, then how about the blowouts at the hands of the Chargers, Chefs, Jokeland, Patriots and Panthers?

John Elway is one of several investors allegedly defrauded by a Ponzi scheme run by a man from Cherry Hills Villages.

Jets RB Shonn Greene is okay with playing less than LDT.


So, the feeling of losing is an unfamiliar one for the Chefs? Please…

The Dolts are still working on a new deal with LT Marcus McNeill. Plus, they added WR Richard Goodman from their practice squad.


Vikings CB Cedric Griffin is done for the year with another torn ACL.

The Saints cut K John Carney and signed RB Julius Jones, who had been released by the Sea Chickens. Hmm, I wonder if Bleacher Report saw that one coming…

Jay Cutler is expected to start on Sunday. Meanwhile, the NFL’s competition committee is going to reconsider the silly rule that gave the Bears their Week 1 victory over Calvin Johnson and the Lions.

Roger Goodell and the owners are saying they want to get a deal done on a new CBA before this season is over, in their latest spin.

Jack Bechta shares an interesting story of his first run-in with Josh Luchs, whom he applauds for coming clean.

Matt Bowen considers whether the AFC is home to better football than the NFC. Unfortunately for the Broncos, two of the three teams he points to are last week’s opponents and this week’s. However, he is clearly not impressed by the AFC West.

As he considers how teams are looking through five weeks, Randy Cross says the Broncos had better show some fight on Sunday.

Andrew Brandt doesn’t seem that surprised by the allegations against Brett Favruhhh.

Pat Kirwan has some cures for what ails the league’s underachievers.

The other PK responds to emails, if you’re interested.

The top three guys on Luis Deloureiro’s QB ratings are Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton, in that order.

Chase Stuart and SRS make my assertion that Baltimore is WAYYYYY better than Tennessee look a bit off.

Denver now sits at #25 in DVOA, for whatever that’s worth.

Nike will replace Reebok as the NFL’s uniform provider beginning in 2012.

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