Did Broncos get murky assist on passing over Lacy? Lard

Good Morning, and Happy Memorial Day, Broncos fans! New Denver pass rusher Shaun Phillips says he ultimately picked Denver over Houston for his second NFL home.

Unlike Charles Woodson, Phillips claims he turned down more money from Oakland to avoid the "miserable" experience of being on a losing team.

Meanwhile, there's now some conflict between reports regarding the incentives Phillips could earn with the team.

We know that Phillips signed for a base salary of $1M, which is barely more than the $840K minimum for a player of his experience. We've already discussed how much of a bargain that is, but how much more can he earn?

Mike Klis originally reported that Phillips can make an extra $2M based upon reaching sack milestones, starting at the threshold of eight QB takedowns.

However, according to Jeff Legwold, those incentives don't kick in unless Phillips reaches the 10-sack mark, with $400K coming at the 10-, 12-, and 14-sack levels, for a total of just $1.2M.

This is obviously a rather significant difference, although one thing is clear - whatever the details of his contract, Phillips will have to be rather successful rushing the passer if he's to make more than his $1M salary.


Jeff Legwold says the Broncos almost certainly got an assist from the Steadman Clinic in evaluating the prognosis of Eddie Lacy's surgically repaired toe, which he says at least three teams expect will cause Lacy problems within two or three seasons. Now, it's no surprise that Denver is going to great lengths to research its potential draft picks, but this sounds like a breach of medical ethics, doesn't it?

Obviously, we're not alone in our bitter distaste for John Fox's handling of the Baltimore game; Gregg Rosenthal and Michael David Smith react to Woody Paige's interview with Fox.

Here are transcribed quotes from HOFers John Elway, Floyd Little, Shannon Sharpe, and Gary Zimmerman, who offered their thoughts on Pat Bowlen during the Mizel Institute's tribute to the Broncos owner.

Wes Welker and Browns QB Brandon Weeden have been part of the relief efforts for tornado-stricken Moore, OK.


The Giants' re-signing of WR Ramses Barden came via the NFL's minimum salary benefit, which is intended to encourage teams to sign players at the minimum regardless of their experience levels. Especially at this part of the year, when most teams have at least 50 of their final 53 currently on their rosters, the difference between a player counting for $940K (for a 10+ year player) or $630K, as Barden will, is a big factor for cap-strapped teams like the Giants.

After Buttfumble threw three picks among eleven attempts on Wednesday, Jets OC Marty Mornhinweg hilariously said his QB's "completion percentage and accuracy percentage have been sky high up to date." Our first thought is that everyone should have a boss like Mornhinweg, but our second thought is that both figure to be out of a job, if they maintain this trajectory.

There is some controversy regarding Geno Smith's decision to sign with Roc Nation, as it appears to be a violation of the NFLPA's runner rule, which appears to be a dumb rule.


In his MMQB column, Peter King wonders if the LOLJets bother to do any research on players like Mike Goodson prior to signing them.

Lindsay Jones chats with Reggie McKenzie and checks in on the Raiders' offseason.

Sid Gillman, Marv Levy, and Hank Stram are up next on ESPN's countdown of their greatest NFL coaches of all time; Jeffri Chadiha details the crucial role Stram played in the integration of the AFL and NFL.

If the Broncos are to advance farther than the divisional round in 2013 after not doing so in 2012, it will actually be something of a rarity in the four-division format. FWIW (not much), the only team since 2002 to lose in the divisional round and win a SB the next year were Peyton Manning's Colts.


Robbie Rogers suited up for the LA Galaxy of the MLS last night, overcoming his own apprehension about being the first openly gay man to play for a (major) professional sports league in North America.

Chase Stuart and Ken Crippen list the NFL players who have been lost in service to our country. Stuart's thoughts (and those he quotes) are particularly poignant on this, and every day. Thank you, Veterans, and to all who have suffered such a loss, our thoughts are with you, as always.

Happy Memorial Day, and stay safe out there - please don't drink and drive!

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