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Good Morning, Broncos fans! As we count down to training camp, the team previews are rolling in; today, we have a trio of pieces on Denver from ESPN.

First up is a column from Jeffri Chadiha, who provides an overview of the squad and its biggest offseason moves, suggesting that their ostensibly easy schedule should help them along.

Next is an article from everyone's favorite ex-DP writer, Bill Williamson, who utilized his ultra-complicated proprietary formula to place the team's "Flop Factor" at 1.8 on a scale from 1 to 5. Riveting stuff.

Impressively, Bill Will won't buy into the popular notion that Denver has just a one-year window in which to win a championship, so there's that.

The best read is unfortunately behind the Insider pay wall and comes from Chris Sprow, who makes the same point about the Broncos' so-called window to win, and shares the following notes:

  • Denver's offense is only older than league average because of Peyton Manning
  • Similarly, the defense would be among the youngest in the league, but for Champ Bailey
  • Manning was hit while throwing the ball only 15 times in 2012
  • Peyton threw the ball 2.50 seconds after the snap, on average, which ranked behind only Tom Brady's 2.47-second figure

Sprow says each of these factors debunk that theory that the Broncos must win it all in 2013 or be disbanded, and of course, it makes perfect sense to us.

On that topic, be sure to check out this column that Ted wrote a couple of weeks ago, if you hadn't already done so.


According to PFF's data, Peyton Manning fares better against interior pressure than versus outside rushes.

In his latest mailbag, Gray Caldwell says fifth-rounder Quanterus Smith, whose senior season was cut short by a torn ACL, is hoping to be ready by training camp, and participated in individual drills during the mandatory minicamp.

Chris Hall, Andrew Mason, and Gray Caldwell discuss how the Broncos will try to replace Elvis Dumervil's production for BTV.

Mason looks ahead to the Week 10 trip to San Diego, which follows Denver's Week 9 bye.

Former Denver linebacker Jashon Sykes is now the director of football ops for the SDSU Aztecs.

Aaron Hernandez

Alexander Bradley, the man suing Hernandez in Florida for allegedly having shot him in the face, has been ordered to testify before a Massachusetts grand jury regarding the Odin Lloyd murder case.

Ernest Wallace, the third man arrested in the Lloyd case, was handed over to Massachusetts authorities by Florida police, and it sounds like Hernandez may be paying for Wallace's high-profile legal representation.

Urban Meyer's wife and daughter took to Twitter to complain about his having come under fire for the players he brought to Florida, including Hernandez.


In a victory against welfare queen sports franchise owners looking for handouts, municipal leaders in St. Louis have turned down the Rams' request for $700M in taxpayer-funded upgrades to the Edward Jones Dome.

The Bills and Jairus Byrd - the only unsigned franchise player other than Ryan Clady - have reportedly had no progress toward a new long-term deal.

Jaguars WR Justin Blackmon recently underwent groin surgery but may be ready for camp.


Jason Lisk ranks the Broncos' offensive skill players of the SB years among the best in history, while he thinks their current group is the second best in the NFL, behind the Falcons'.

Among the league's defensive backs, Bucky Brooks thinks Morris Claiborne, Prince Amukamara, Jimmy Smith, and M.D. Jennings have the best chances to break out in 2013.

Brian McIntyre discusses the Jaguars offseason and 2013 outlook, plus their current and future cap situation; Jason Fitzgerald calls Blackmon's and Marcedes Lewis's contracts the team's best and worst, respectively.


Fitzgerald is no fan of the franchise tender for established stars like Ryan Clady, and he thinks the Broncos would be best served to sign him to a long-term deal prior to the July 15 deadline.

Football Perspective reader Shattenjager digs into the history of how Marion Campbell got hired for three NFL head jobs despite a hideous HC resume.

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