Denver FO continues to lower the Tebow bar; Quinn clears waivers; Warren has surgery

By now you've probably read today's column by Mike Silver which asserts that the Denver brass sees Tim Tebow as the fourth-best QB behind even Adam Weber and feels they dodged a bullet when they were unable to deal Kyle Orton to Miami. While speaking tonight (starting at about 27:30 to go on the Hour 3 podcast) with the guys on The Fan, Silver said he had hoped to write about Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller (or perhaps Brandon Lloyd and/or John Elway), but that he was compelled to instead focus on Tebow because so many people within the organization were talking about his skills and/or lack of progress.

Obviously, this is not just some random Broncos employee(s) wandering around and casually dumping on the team's most publicly visible player. Someone high up on the food chain wants to get a message out, and they're doing a thorough job of it - whether it's to lower the expectations surrounding Tebow and simply allow him to develop at his own pace, to turn down the volume on the Tebow dialogue, or both (or are those the same thing?). This started out with John Clayton floating the idea of Brady Quinn having surpassed Tebow on the depth chart, Jeff Legwold and Mike Klis following suit, Woody Paige writing that the QB battle was over, and now Silver's column.

We love to talk about reporters playing the telephone game and/or regurgitating what they've heard from their colleagues, but this is definitely not one of those instances. Mike Silver is not about play fast and loose when citing a "highly knowledgeable member of the organization." It's just not happening, folks.

Meanwhile, the Broncos announced earlier today that TE Richard Quinn has cleared waivers and been placed on injured reserve. Quinn makes four players on IR, joining RB Mario Fannin, WR Mark Dell and LB Derek Domino. Plus, Ty Warren underwent his surgery today as scheduled, and John Fox says the best-case scenario has the veteran DT returning in 3-4 months.

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