Denver Broncos 2014 Opponents, Preseason Schedule

Last updated: Apr 10, 2014 8:46 AM

The AFCW teams will face off with the NFCW and AFCE squads in 2014..

Because Denver won the AFCW in 2013, they will also face the other AFC division winners.

Typically, the schedule is announced in April.

Home Away
Kansas City Kansas City
Oakland Oakland
San Diego San Diego
Arizona Cincinnati
Buffalo New England
Indianapolis Jets
Miami St. Louis
San Francisco Seattle

The preseason schedule, announced on April 9, is as follows:

Week Day Date Opponent Time Network
1   8/7-10 Seattle Seahawks TBD KUSA-TV
2   8/14-18 @ San Francisco 49ers TBD KUSA-TV
3   8/21-24 Houston Texans TBD KUSA-TV
4 Thursday 8/28 @ Dallas Cowboys TBD KUSA-TV

None of the games will be nationally televised.

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