Denver Broncos 2011 schedule

Here is the 2011 schedule; all times are expressed in Broncos Standard Time.

Week Day Date Opponent Time
1 Monday Sep 12, 2011 Oakland Raiders 8:15 PM
2 Sunday Sep 18, 2011 Cincinnati Bengals 2:15 PM
3 Sunday Sep 25, 2011 at Tennessee Titans 11:00 AM
4 Sunday Oct 2, 2011 at Green Bay Packers 2:15 PM
5 Sunday Oct 9, 2011 San Diego Chargers 2:15 PM
6     BYE
7 Sunday Oct 23, 2011 at Miami Dolphins 11:00 AM
8 Sunday Oct 30, 2011 Detroit Lions 2:05 PM
9 Sunday Nov 6, 2011 at Oakland Raiders 2:05 PM
10 Sunday Nov 13, 2011 at Kansas City Chiefs 11:00 AM
11 Thursday Nov 17, 2011 New York Jets 6:20 PM
12 Sunday Nov 27, 2011 at San Diego Chargers 2:15 PM
13 Sunday Dec 4, 2011 at Minnesota Vikings 2:05 PM
14 Sunday Dec 11, 2011 Chicago Bears 2:05 PM
15 Sunday Dec 18, 2011 New England Patriots 2:15 PM
16 Saturday Dec 24, 2011 at Buffalo Bills 11:00 AM
17 Sunday Jan 1, 2012 Kansas City Chiefs 2:15 PM

Denver will be playing two night games - the opener on MNF versus the Raiders and a Week 11 Thursday night home game in November against the Jets just four days after a visit to Kansas City. Fortunately, the Broncos have escaped the perils of a three-game road trip, instead playing three pairs of back-to-back roadies. The other major pitfall avoided is their annual trip to Florida will come in late October rather than early September.

But at first glance, there appears to be a brutal seven-game stretch from Week 9 through Week 15, including all three of their road division games in a four-week period, plus home games versus the Jets, Bears and Patriots. In fact, there are no apparent weak pockets in the schedule, if there is such a thing for a team coming off a 4-12 season.

The brightest spot is perhaps that Denver essentially has two bye weeks - the natural one in Week 6 and a ten-day break between its Week 11 and 12 games; these serve to essentially break the season into thirds.










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