Declaring the opening of Kool-Aid season Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The first of three organized training activities (OTA) for Denver will take place today through Wednesday.

The second one will span three days starting next Wednesday, and then four days starting the Monday after that.

A week later, from June 11-13, the Broncos will hold their mandatory minicamp, and then they'll be off until training camp, the start date for which has not been announced.

There will be no contact allowed at these OTA's, but they are the first full-squad practices for the 2013 Broncos.

Get ready for declarations that former role players are ready to step into starting roles and have breakout years, others are in the best shape of their lives after some blue-collar work in the weight room, and of course, that Denver has unearthed some diamonds in the rough with its latest crop of undrafted rookies.

It'll be said that Julius Thomas is ready to make the leap from weekly inactive to dynamic threat, that Mario Fannin is running hard, and that Ben Garland's smarts and work ethic are creating a seamless transition to the offensive line.

We'll be told about the Broncos' streak of years with an undrafted rookie making the team, and the idea that it somehow makes them more likely to have one in 2013 (it doesn't).

Basically, there will be a whole lot of bullshit, including reports of diving catches and "sack" counts during contact-free workouts.

This isn't to suggest that we shouldn't be excited about the Broncos, but a friendly reminder that the reports out of Dove Valley over the next several weeks must be heavily seasoned (with salt).

We'll do our best here to read the tea leaves with a healthy measure of restraint.

Should be some good times.


According to Mike Klis, the attendance rate of Willis McGahee at voluntary workouts has not evinced a Rod Smith-level of dedication, which reads to us like a first shot at explaining to fans why Willis and his $3M cap number ($1M in dead money) get cut. 

We've all read a million versions of this same story, but Rahim Moore is doing just fine after the season-ending debacle.

The regular season over/under for Broncos wins is currently set between 11 and 12 wins in Vegas.

PFF's data says Peyton Manning was responsible for only two of the 21 sacks he took in 2012, and of course, he hardly ever holds the ball for more than four seconds.

PFT is gathering votes for the four greatest Broncos of all time. To me, it's John Elway (duh), Floyd Little (for providing the franchise legitimacy, potentially keeping it from leaving Denver), Shannon Sharpe (one of best TEs ever, and a revolutionary one at that), and Terrell Davis (greatest postseason runner, should be a HOFer). Who are your four?


Charles Woodson says he'd be interested in a return to the state of his alma mater with the Lions, which indeed sounds about drumming up a higher salary.

Longtime Chargers corner Quentin Jammer would like to stay in San Diego, but doesn't think it's very likely; Washington has also shown interest.

The Jets were reportedly wanted to sign QB Brian Hoyer, whose acquisition by Cleveland raised Brandon Weeden's eyebrows.

QB E.J. Manuel claims Buffalo's West Coast offense is easier to learn than was Florida State's system.

Owners will vote Tuesday on the site for SB 50, with San Francisco and the forthcoming Levi's Stadium expected to host.

In light of the marathon bombing, security concerns are especially high for the next Super Bowl, which will take place in NJ and NY.


Chase Stuart's data reminds us that John Fox sports the third-most conservative pass/run split out of all 55 of the league's head coaches and offensive coordinators over his career, although in 2012, the Broncos were the ninth-most pass-happy team in the league.

In his MMQB column, Peter King suggests that Chris Ault will bring much more than just the Pistol to Kansas City, and he shares a conversation he had with Tom Brady, who's been working on refining his throwing mechanics.

As Andrew Mason explains, just because the modern NFL is all about passing, doesn't mean running the ball and stopping the run are suddenly unimportant. Rather, it means that teams should allocate their financial resources accordingly. Of course, the Broncos just spent a second-round pick on a running back, but at least it wasn't a first-rounder.

Not that it's a bad thing, but Mike Tanier sees in Andy Dalton an average starting NFL QB; he discusses what Dalton must do to break free of that label, and also considers Rob Gronkowski's health from several angles.

Since John Clayton needs to declare that he's discovered some leaguewide trend in every column he writes, he says the AFC teams were more active in free agency because they're the supposed lesser conference right now.

Chris Tripodi thinks the Cowboys had a rather terrible draft.

ESPN will be debuting a new one-hour weekday football show devoid of former players and featuring reporters and former personnel execs.

Updated 10:13am ET - Sorry for the error-filled Monday. Obviously, Denver's minicamp will run from June 11-13, not May 11-13, and I've corrected my comment about Chase Stuart's column.

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