Day off, Briggs waived Lard 10-26-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Why so happy? Well, the Broncos didn’t give up 59 points yesterday. Plus, I’m not a Cowboys fan. 1-5 with SB aspirations and our quarterback is done for the year? Yes, things could be worse for Broncos fans. Obviously, I agree with the readers who have pointed out the shock value of those opening minutes Sunday, the three plays that virtually decided the game, and with TJ’s column on momentum. I have never seen anything like that happen to the Broncos before, not even close. Yet, they’ve got to be able to stop the run. We knew last week the Raiders would run the ball, and once they got up 21-0 they didn’t even need to pass the ball. Is it hard to stop the run without several of your best defensive players? Absolutely. But after a fine performance against the Jets’ vaunted rushing attack, there are no excuses for the very same personnel allowing 328 yards on the ground. Robert Ayers is still at least a few weeks away from returning, and it doesn’t sound like Brian Dawkins will be back this week, either. So the guys who are actually playing have to come up with a little bit more, because we’re looking at Frank Gore this Sunday.


The Broncos have waived LB Diyral Briggs, who had just been signed from the practice squad last week. LJ suggests that this move may mean Wesley Woodyard will be back this week.

Players got a day off yesterday to stew over their pummeling.

Pat Bowlen and Joe Ellis did not comment on Sunday’s game. Definitely a good thing.

Legwold says the Broncos are a team of fragile psyches. Yikes.

He also analyzes Denver’s nonexistent rushing offense.

Klis on the defense and why they can’t stop the run. It’s not about heart or want or anything like that. It’s about talent…

Legwold on where the Broncos stand, plus that they’d better cover Vernon Davis better than they did Zach Miller.

Klis responds to a lot of typical angry emails, and claims that he saw Sunday coming, if not to the magnitude we got.

LJ on the Niners.

Niners QB Alex Smith is iffy for Sunday with an injury to his left shoulder.


Was Sunday proof that Darren McFadden is breaking out?

Raiders CB Chris Johnson says the Raiders are the most talented team in the NFL. Do we laugh, or hope that he’s right?

Are the Chefs the best in the West?

CHFF sums up the stupidity that is the Dolts.

Suddenly, the Dolts can’t take the ball away anymore, and they’re giving it up in droves. Plus, some notes.


Tony Romo broke his left clavicle and is probably done. Mike Silver says the Cowboys are toast.

Brett Favruh has two fractures in his ankle.

Two more Packers are done for the year.

The Vikings got screwed on a replay call, and the league apparently told Brad Childress it was so sorry.

CHFF thinks the NFL has a bit of a problem on its hands with the way it’s handling hits.

Mike Lombardi says the Broncos were so bad on Sunday they don’t even need to review the film.

Pat Kirwan says this was the weekend of the INT.

Here are Matt Bowen’s final thoughts on Week 7.

Peter King has plenty of praise for the Raiders in this MMQB. Plus, the Broncos bear the brunt of his little factoid of the week thingy.

Thankfully, KSK is here to save the day and better interpret PK’s pathetic excuse for journalism.

The FO guys mercifully didn’t spend a lot of time detailing the Broncos’ loss on Sunday. Barnwell thinks Ryan Clady does not look healthy, FWIW.

Wrangler has a new line of jeans which Brett Favruh is endorsing.

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