Crennel has had Peyton’s number Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! We've all read countless chronicles of Peyton Manning's comeback from injury, and his rehabilitation at Duke with David Cutcliffe.

But each time, there are some new nuggets to keep our attention.

The latest such column is from Sam Farmer of the LA Times, who speaks with all of the usual characters, plus the original Fat Man, in doing his research.

Manning finally comes out and tells Farmer that he simply cannot throw the ball as far as he used to, even calling his new style of play as the normally dreaded "dinking and dunking." John Fox says he appreciates that Peyton takes copious notes from Fox's meetings with the team, and that his own leadership talking points are repeated by the QB later on each week.

It's a lot of the same old stuff, but there's enough new information to make it a worthwhile read. (via Dan Pompei)


The Chiefs and Romeo Crennel are left to wonder what could have been had Peyton Manning showed even an inkling of interest in talking to them during his free agency tour. Peyton is 7-1 in his career against Kansas City, but Crennel is 6-3 against Manning, and the Romeo-led defenses have more than contained the QB in the three times his Browns and Chiefs lost to him.

Mike Klis says the Broncos don't need anything spectacular from Knowshon Moreno today and going forward; FWIW, Michelle Beisner says for NFLN that Knowshon had a great week of practice.

Andrew Mason expects the Broncos to go after their old friend Brady Quinn, and for Ronnie Hillman, Lance Ball, and Knowshon Moreno to each be given a chance to grab the RB reins.

Jeff Legwold says Denver needs to focus on keeping Jamaal Charles under wraps, and he of course gives the Broncos the edge in every facet of the game.

Dan Pompei says the Broncos coaching staff is as happy with Von Miller's run defense and pass coverage as the rest of us are.

Oh hey - Klis says the running game is not nearly as important as it used to be in the NFL, like IAOFM has been telling you since Day 1. It's important for setting up play action, and to keep defenses honest, but if it's your primary mode to victory, you're not going to end up with a lot of victories.

Keith Brooking says he'd like to get into coaching at the high school level when he's done playing.

Woody Paige nauseatingly tries to make it seem like was his own column which convinced Pat Bowlen to hire John Elway, when it's more likely that Bowlen gave Woody an inkling that he was about to do so.


Jay Cutler has been cleared to play and is expected to start for Chicago today at Minnesota.

Neither Michael Vick nor LeSean McCoy will be available for the Eagles tomorrow night agains the Panthers, due to concussions.

The Browns and their marketing dummies have decided not to hand out white flags in a gameday giveaway.

Old friend Jabar Gaffney has been suspended by the league for two games due to a 2010 arrest; Miami had waived Gaff on Tuesday.

NFL teams are indeed paying more attention to statistical analysis, but they're not admitting so publicly, presumably out of a desire to maintain secrecy.

In Ray Anderson's comments about Ndamukong Suh's Thanksgiving kick, Doug Farrar doesn't get the sense that Suh is going to get a fair shake, which is of course a separate matter from whether he's guilty of being a dirty player.

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