Craft a last-place roster, get a promotion!

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Given yesterday's holiday, there's not much in the way of news today.

21 teams will commence their first full-squad OTAs today.

Denver and five other teams will follow suit tomorrow.


Bucky Brooks thinks a quick integration into the offense by Emmanuel Sanders or Cody Latimer could give the Broncos the league's best receiving corps.

Cecil Lammey expects the competition at right tackle to boil down to Chris Clark versus Michael Schofield.

Via Jeff Legwold, here's your annual "the Broncos are going to try to give up fewer turnovers this season" article.


What happens when one crafts a roster that goes 24-40 over four seasons? In the case of Washington GM Bruce Allen, it means a promotion to team president! Of course!

Andy Reid isn't too worried about the negotiation between the Chiefs and QB Alex Smith.


Colin McGowan argues it's better to punish nobody for recreational drug-related offenses than to widen the net to include owners and team officials. Sounds about right to us.

Matt Bowen explains what makes it so tough for rookies to contribute in the NFL.

Greg Gabriel discusses second-year NFCW players he thinks could excel in 2014.

Judy Battista discusses the difficulty of running a team like the Bills while it's up for sale.

Brent Sobleski thinks Darrelle Revis will force Tom Brady and the Pats offense to sharpen their games, and he discusses a handful of players he expects to break out in 2014.

Along with his boy Bedard, Peter King thinks the painkiller suit should have been aimed at individual team doctors rather than the NFL. This is ludicrous, given that the doctors were working for the teams.

John Clayton responds to emails; Christmas Ape interprets PK's MMQB column.


Mike Tanier's highly scientific Hope Index suggests that we Broncos fans have the fourth most reasons to expect a great season in 2014.

Current point spreads imply the Broncos will be the second best team in the league relative to SRS.

The samples are so tiny that there's almost no point, but it's mildly interesting to see that Ryan Tannehill and Michael Vick tend to become more accurate the more they're hit.

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