Continuity Lard 1-16-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As reported yesterday, Mike McCoy is expected to return as Denver's offensive coordinator next season. According to Jason La Canfora, the Broncos and McCoy were still working out the details on a new contract which will keep McCoy around for his third season in Denver and beyond. Clearly, this makes all the sense in the world for the Broncos and John Fox, who employed McCoy for seven seasons in Carolina. Although the Broncos' offense will undoubtedly change some as McCoy applies his own philosophies in developing a playbook, the continuity for Denver's young QB Tim Tebow is priceless. Nothing would be worse for the Broncos' future than throwing Tebow into a new system in his second season.


Nick Saban has denied reports that his assistant coach Sal Sunseri has been in contact with Fox about joining his staff. Sunseri spent eight seasons as the Panthers DL coach under Fox.

Terry Frei shares the story of the pro coaching adventure of John Fox and his wife, which began the day after their wedding.

Klis on the growing likelihood of a lockout which he says will cut training camp and preseason to three weeks or so.


If you can stomach it, LJ says Jay Cutler is a winner! What's with referring to Rick Reilly without actually using his name or linking to his column? Amateur hour? Is this what the DP folks are told to do? For crying out loud, if you're going to sort of quote someone, how about sharing their name and pointing directly to what they actually wrote?

Kiszla responds to emails.


Who will run Kansas City's offense now that McCoy is out of the running?

The Raiders are not bringing back DC John Marshall.


The Eagles have fired DC Sean McDermott.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei praises John Elway for hiring John Fox, and says that Rob Ryan may have ended up back in Oakland if not for getting the Cowboys' DC gig.

Brian Burke plots out NFL teams' offensive and defensive success rates, adjusted for opponents. You'll probably be surprised to see where Denver falls...

Part 2 of Wes Bunting's East-West Shrine Game preview.


Matt Bowen's notes on the Steelers and Packers' victories.

If last night didn't prove Ted Thompson was right all along, then nothing will.

Bill Rhoden on the dilemma facing Steelers fans in rooting for their scumbag QB Big Ben.

Tony Gonzalez has still never been a part of an NFL playoff win.

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