Continuing to undesign

In a continuing effort to focus on readability and content, I've made some more design tweaks. Or untweaks, depending on how you want to look at them.

The most noticable changes on all devices are the top navigation, now matching the color theme of the rest of the site, and the font sizes, many of which are slightly larger than before.

Mobile received a lot of focus as well. There was some odd shifting on many mobile devices that should no longer exist.

Titles shouldn't take up the whole screen, things like that (although TJ uses paragraphs as titles, so those don't count). I'm still working on the main article font there as well, trying to get it consistent as possible across devices.

This is an in-between state. There's more content coming, perhaps photographic in nature, so the starkness of the site, at least in some places, will be short-lived.

David is a Bears fan. Besides being the only non-Broncos fan on the IAOFM staff, he is emailed every time Jay Cutler does something stupid. He is emailed a lot. You can follow him on twitter @singer or visit his insanity over at

State of the Site