Commenting changes

A while back, we made the move from our own commenting system to Disqus. We didn't want to force people to sign up for yet another account on the web, and using social logins (or perhaps a Disqus login you already had) seemed the easiest option. I had the ability to bring social logins to our own system, but it was still very basic in nature.

Disqus recently sent out an email that they were pushing us onto their new system. I think they have a really good product, but there are a couple of reasons why I held off using it.

The first is default ordering. With the pre-existing system, all comments were ordered from old to new by default. A user could change that, but that was their option. Few people change default settings (I'm being a little lazy about a reference link right now).

Now, the default ordering is by best/most popular, and I cannot change it for anyone other than myself. For some posts, this works just fine. For others - think any open thread - it doesn't keep a conversation flowing.

If you'd like to change it, click/tap on Discussion, and choose your desired ordering.

Another reason I was holding off was the look. It's good, but not as customizable as I'd want. This is part appearance, part other functions.

Some other notes:

  • Replies can be three levels deep now.
  • The team here will be marked off with "Mod" for now, until we think of something more punny.
  • There is now down-voting. Anyone can up-vote, but only a logged in user can down-vote.
  • Mobile support should be better.
  • Live updates should be considerably better.

If there are any questions I can answer, feel free to leave a comment smile

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