Colts, Luck author another second-half turnaround

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! For the third straight week, the Colts (7-3) got behind the first-half eight ball, spotting the host Titans (4-6) a 17-3 lead.

But unlike their 38-8 debacle against St. Louis last week, Indy stormed back for a 30-27 victory that provides them a three-game cushion in the AFCS and keeps their hopes for a first-round bye alive and well.

Donald Brown led the way with 94 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns, while Trent Richardson's 53 yards on 13 touches came mostly in the passing game.

Colts linebacker Erik Walden figures to have drawn himself a hefty fine when he ripped off the helmet of Delanie Walker and then headbutted him with his own. Incredibly, Walden was not ejected, reminding us of the hollowness of the NFL's claim that player safety is their first prioirity.

The other between-play highlight? This dude.

Richardson's woeful 2.8 yards per rush and 3.6 per touch since Indy acquired him for a first-rounder are already prompting calls for him to take a backseat to Brown.

Ben Stockwell analyzes the game, while Sam Monson studies the play of Titans RB Chris Johnson.


Champ Bailey remains uncertain that he can suit up.

Likely due to Peyton Manning's ankle problems, Knowshon Moreno's role in the passing game has been increasing.

NFL Films previews Sunday's matchup.

Matt Bowen studies the Denver offense for clues as to how the Chiefs can scheme to contain them on Sunday.

Bill Barnwell thinks Peyton Manning is still playing because his high ankle sprain is on his back leg, rather than the one on which he plants to throw.

According to ESPN's data, Manning has been facing pressure twice as often since he first got injured.

Mike Klis revisits the teams' biggest meetings; Mark Kiszla expects a blowout.


Jamaal Charles has only one rush for 20 or more yards this season, and that one only went for 24.

Just like he doesn't care about his stats (not that he should), Alex Smith already says he's more interested in winning the Super Bowl than on Sunday.

As Doug Farrar and Andy Benoit already stressed, Matt Bowen says Smith has to push the ball downfield.

Sam Farmer looks back at some of the NFL's biggest one-year turnarounds.


More than 100 retired players have asked to be tested for signs of CTE.

According to NFLN's Ian Rapoport, Mike Tomlin's job in Pittsburgh is safe, but those of safeties Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark are in jeopardy.

The Browns issued a weak denial of John Moffitt's claim that they failed his physical because he refused a pay cut.


Mike Tanier, Burke/FarrarJudy Battista, Pete PriscoBenjamin Hoffman, and Drew Magary preview Week 11.

Ben Muth studies line play from Saints/Cowboys.

Apparently, the Zombies are alive and well, at least enough to craft a lot of poorly written and misspelled emails.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Philip Rivers was annoyingly overcompetitive as a kid.


KC's weak schedule means Denver is a 73% favorite to win the AFCW, 67% to take home field advantage, and 72% for a first-round bye.

Chase Stuart looks at the biggest late-season matchups in NFL history, at least as far as W-L records go.


MLB has finally approved instant replay, which we hope means this will never happen again.

Jeff Sullivan has some terrific thoughts about the AL MVP voting; times are slowly changing, just like with NFL coaches coming around to going for it on fourth downs. BTW, how many asshole HOF voters are going to stress in 15 or 20 years that Mike Trout didn't win enough (any) MVPs?

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