Williams cancels; Dennison & Koetter interview

UPDATE 6:13PM ET - The episodes videos are up! Rick Dennison and Mr. Dirk Koetter interviewed today.

UPDATE 3:27PM ET - Mr. Dirk Koetter has arrived at Dove Valley for his interview, according to Jim Saccomano via Twitter.

UPDATE 12:36PM ET - From Jason La Canfora of NFL.com:

"He didn't feel like he could stand in front of the defense in a team meeting (Tuesday) morning and tell them the things they need to do to win another Super Bowl, and then board a plane to Denver."

ORIGINAL ENTRY 12:15PM ET - Jeff Duncan of the Times-Picayune is reporting that Gregg Williams has decided not to go on their reality show interview with the Broncos. Duncan goes on to say that Williams made the decision after watching the circus act already going on in Denver consulting with his family and players.

Rick Dennison will be interviewing shortly. John Fox is scheduled to interview tomorrow...

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