Fox, Williams to interview on Wednesday

UPDATE 3:46PM ET - Kevin Acee of the SDUT is reporting that Chargers DC Ron Rivera is expected to be named the new coach of the Panthers tomorrow.

UPDATE 2:09PM ET - Elway has just confirmed via Twitter that New Orleans has granted permission for Denver to speak with Gregg Williams; the Saints DC will also interview with the Broncos on Wednesday.

ORIGINAL POST 1:36PM ET - Because the camera crew wasn't ready of inclement weather in NC, John Fox's interview today with the Broncos has been rescheduled to Wednesday, according to John Elway via Twitter. Elway also confirmed that Rick Dennison and Mr. Dirk Koetter will be appearing on The Real Head Coaches of Denver™ sometime tomorrow.

Williams' defense allowed a stunning 41 points during Saturday's loss to Seattle. Although they ranked 7th in the NFL points and 4th in yards allowed, the Saints' defense was 24th in defensive efficiency according to Advanced NFL Stats in 2010.

In making the case for Williams three and a half weeks ago, our good friend Ted Bartlett said Williams "may be the best defensive schemer in the game, having learned a great deal from Buddy Ryan...I’d push for him to bring Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael, Jr. with him, and give him a lot of autonomy over the offense.  Carmichael is young, and has an excellent background, and he doesn’t call plays in New Orleans, so this would be a promotion for him."

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