Clowney should force his way into NFL Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! 20-year-old Gamecocks defensive phenom Jadeveon Clowney (Happy Birthday) is faced with quite the dilemma, as he'd likely be among the NFL's top picks if not for the collusive rule that keeps him from entering the draft this year.

He can sit out a year and be among the top picks in 2014, or play for South Carolina and risk a severe career-threatening injury like that suffered by his teammate Marcus Lattimore (or by Kentucky hoopster Nerlens Noel on Tuesday).

If he chooses the latter, the best he can do is take out an insurance policy (like Noel did) that wouldn't come close to covering the guaranteed money he'd surely get this year from the NFL. Also, why should he be paying tens of thousands of dollars to insure himself, and where is he supposed to get that money from?

Mike Silver thinks Clowney should lawyer up and challenge the NFL's inane rule, and obviously, we agree. The only problem for us, of course, is that if Clowney were to succeed, there's a great chance he'd end up with the Chiefs or Raiders...


Jeff Legwold wonders if Alabama's D.J. Fluker or Kentucky's Larry Warford could take over at right tackle and push Orlando Franklin in to right guard, and he sees a lot of iffy prospects among draft-eligible heavier running backs.

USAT named Wesley Woodyard to its All-Joe team, while named Von Miller to its Under-25 squad. (via official site)

Johnny Knox, the other player Chicago received in the Jay Cutler trade, has decided to retire; Mike Klis sifts through the results of that notorious deal.

Matt Waldman says the Broncos didn't need to win the game for the Drive to prove John Elway's greatness.


Chris Mortensen speculates that the Chiefs and Andy Reid are more interested in acquiring Nick Foles or Geno Smith than Alex Smith; Unsilent Majority helps us get to know Geno.

The Raiders are maintaining that Terrelle Pryor will get a real chance to unseat Carson Palmer as starting QB, and new OC Greg Olson says he's abandoning the zone blocking scheme Greg Knapp had installed last year.

Mike McCoy doesn't think dual-threat QBs are a viable long-term option in the NFL, but then again, he's only worked with QBs who can either run or throw, and never both...


Minnesota exercised their 2014 option on head coach Leslie Frazier; forget about my Percy Harvin idea from the other day, as he's thought to be seeking a payday in line with those of Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald.

Seattle added CB/KR Will Blackmon; yesterday was a big day for signing specialists, as the Bucs signed punter Chas Henry, the Giants inked kicker David Buehler, and the Browns added punter Spencer Lanning.

Philly brought Tom Gamble back from San Francisco to oversee player personnel; Gamble spent the past eight years with the Niners after starting his career with the Eagles back in the eighties.

Not only is welfare queen Jerry Richardson seeking a tax hike on North Carolinians to fund an upgrade to his team's 17-year-old stadium, but he's looking for a $62.5M payment from the state as well.

The Washington RacistSlurs are continuing their ineffective PR campaign in defense of their name; Will Brinson sees no rational defense of the name.


Greg Cosell says smaller, faster linebackers are the latest NFL trend, as defenses need to be able to cover the middle of the field with opponents looking to spread them out. Of course, the Broncos are now loaded with linebackers who weigh in below 240 pounds - Von Miller, Wesley Woodyard, Danny Trevathan, and Steven Johnson.

Jacksonville's new QB coach says Blaine Gabbert would be the top QB prospect if he were a part of the 2013 draft class, and Doug Farrar thinks he's actually correct.

Bucky Brooks discusses the prospects of SMU's Margus Hunt, BYU's Ezekiel Ansah, and UCLA's Datone Jones to become impact defenders in the pros.

Mike Tanier offers a glimpse of the five personas always present at the NFL Scouting Combine.

As noted by Chase Stuart, February 14 and 15 have proven to be disproportately great days to birth future NFL quarterbacks. Could there be an issue of relative birth age akin to what Malcolm Gladwell wrote about regarding hockey players in Outliers?


In honor of Michael Jordan's 50th birthday, Matt Brown counts down the fifty greatest moments of MJ's incredible career.

If you want to make something nice for your sweetie today, here are a few ideas of varying difficulty.

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Should the league be permitted to prevent NFL-ready prospects from entering the draft?

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