Chris Harris has a small circle of trust

Good Morning, Broncos fans, and Happy Memorial Day! As always, thanks to all who serve and have served.

More to the point of today's holiday, our thoughts are with all who have lost someone who served.

As he does each year, Chase Stuart uses the day to honor NFL players who served.


BTV on what faces Montee Ball in his second NFL season.

Isaiah Burse, who received the biggest signing bonus among Denver's undrafted rookies, says the team won a bidding war for his services.

Chris Harris says he's made a point of keeping his social circle small, to help him focus on his career.

Cecil Lammey thinks there's a good chance C.J. Anderson ends up as Ball's backup.

John Elway will play in the Colorado Senior Open later this week.


Some key points from Peter King's MMQB column:

  • Tom Brady wasn't surprised that New England drafted a quarterback, but he doesn't plan on retiring anytime soon.
  • PK expects the Commish to punish troubled Colts owner Jim Irsay sooner than later.
  • King is as baffled as us that Ray Rice's wife was not among the list of people he apologized to during his awful presser. Of course, all those men's activists out there might disagree, but they can GTFO.


Momentum for a team to end up in Los Angeles appears to be waning a bit.

Erik Swoope, the ex-Canes hoopster whom Denver worked out prior to the draft, has already impressed the Colts coaching staff.

Mike Holmgren, who calls himself an "old history teacher," says the Washington franchise should "absolutely" change its blatantly racist name, "because of what it signifies and what it means to so many people." Amen to that.


Mike Florio thinks the new drug policy needs to include guidelines for how owners and team officials are punished.

Lorenzo Reyes considers how the rookie wage scale affects teams and players.

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