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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Anyone remember when the 2012 Chiefs were supposed to be all kinds of teh awesome?


KC managed to stay with the host Chargers for three quarters - but then the floodgates opened, in the form of three quick touchdowns - two of them off Matt Cassel turnovers. The $63M man now has 18 out of his team's league-leading 29 turnovers, and the Chiefs have still not held a lead at any point during this season. Among entire teams, only the Cowboys have more giveaways (by one) than Cassel alone.

For San Diego, the 31-13 victory ends a three-game losing streak and evens their record at 4-4.

It may even have saved the job of Norv Turner, at least for the moment. Of course, that may not be a good thing in the eyes of San Diegans.

But to indicate the state of the Chargers and their self-image, Philip Rivers says a first half capped off with an end-zone interception from the one-yard line was "about as good as I can play in a half."

Ben Stockwell and Matt Bowen analyze the game; best moments via KSK.


Videos: John FoxMike McCoyJack Del Rio, and Champ Bailey speak after practice; NFL Films previews the matchup.

Denver got full participation across the roster yesterday; here's participation data from last week's win over New Orleans.

Fox says he's seen improvement out of Ryan Clady's run blocking this season; Clady says he'd still be playing at this level even if he'd gotten the big contract he'd been seeking.

Champ Bailey is looking forward to matching up with fellow Georgia alum A.J. Green, whom he calls one of the best WRs in the league.

Willis McGahee is still amused by Skip Bayless's baseless suggestion that his 2011 success was all thanks to Tim Tebow.

Andrew Mason says the Broncos have made it abundantly clear they're willing to play younger, cheaper players ahead of established, more expensive ones.

PFF's Thomas Maney expects the Broncos to go after Rey Maualuga in coverage and is interested to see how Denver fares in blocking Bengals DT Geno Atkins. Jeff Legwold agrees that handling Atkins is a key for the Broncos and Peyton Manning's continued success.

Legwold checks in on the Broncos' rookies and thinks sustained success for Denver this season could again lead to them losing one or both coordinators in the coming offseason.

With PMFM having won the AFC Offensive POM award, Sam DeWitt is demanding apologies for Peyton from his naysayers.


Sounds like the Bengals are about to have first-round CB Dre Kirkpatrick available for the first time all season.

RB Brian Leonard was a full practice participant, while WR Marvin Jones and LB Dontay Moch did not practice.

Regarding Andy Dalton's leadership, OC Jay Gruden reminds us that the QB's personality isn't about to change.

Cincy avoided a local blackout but still have tickets available for Sunday.


Tampa Bay dealt troubled CB Aqib Talib to New England; New Orleans cut old friend Daniel Graham and re-signed WR Greg Camarillo.

With Hurricane Sandy causing displaced New Yorkers to swallow up available hotel rooms, the Steelers will fly into town on Sunday for their game against the Giants.

The NFL is donating $1M to hurricane relief, but Charles Woodson is giving 10% of that all by himself.

Here are the week's announcer pairings and broadcast maps.


Brian Burke finds that (of course) the Broncos should be passing the ball even more than they do, and he again makes the case for the elimination of the ext

Mike Tanier and Benjamin Hoffman preview the week's matchups; both predict a Denver victory.

Neil Hornsby can't believe his fellow PFF guys didn't name PMFM among their top QBs so far, while Sam Monson says Peyton's got a strong case for MVP.

Bill Barnwell thinks a Denver win would be a death blow to the Bengals' playoff chances, and he thinks the Jets will trade Teebs to the Jags during the offseason.


Pete Prisco says the Bears O-line doesn't deserve all the blame for the six sacks taken by Catler last week, and he presents the reasons for and against the Jets turning it over to Teebs.

It just never gets old...

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