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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Cullen Finnerty, the three-time national champion quarterback at Grand Valley State, and onetime Denver Bronco, was buried on Tuesday.

Finnerty had gone missing during a family fishing in upper Michigan two weeks ago, his body eventually discovered in a clearing near a road.

There were no apparent wounds, and a cause of death has still not been discovered.

His siblings have speculated that head injuries are to blame, but his father, himself a football coach, dismisses the theory.

If you're to read one story today, let it be this chronicle of Finnerty's life and death, from Greg Bishop of the New York Times. RIP, Cullen Finnerty.


The Broncos says they don't plan to go up-tempo all the time, but amidst all the talk about how quickly they'll operate, Mike Klis says they are practicing with greater efficiency during Peyton Manning's second summer in Denver.

Pat Kirwan is apparently desperate for writing inspiration, so he goes into bizarre detail in predicting that the Broncos will lose to the Packers in SB 48 after defeating the Steelers in the AFC title game. Talking about how many sacks the Broncos need to get on Big Ben to win the conference championship is just ridiculous.


Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel recently discussed a SB at Soldier Field with the Ginger Hammer; the Eagles are looking to spruce up Lincoln Financial Field in an effort to attract a SB.

Raiders owner Mark Davis says his firing of Reggie McKenzie's handpicked PR guy isn't a message to the GM, and claims he understands he has to provide McKenzie "room to do his job." Meanwhile, the JaMarcus Russell-era Raiders were so dysfunctional that one assistant coach allegedly exposed Russell's study habits in a sting, and then told the team.

The TE-starved Jets will try out Kellen Winslow at their upcoming minicamp, along with former Jags WR Mike Sims-Walker; Rich Cimini says Geno Smith hasn't impressed anyone on the field so far.

Steelers defenders are still so embarrassed by losing to Tim Tebow & Co. in the 2011 playoffs that they're publicly claiming he should have an NFL gig today.

One-liners via PFT.


The more stringent practice rules in the current CBA are thought to be behind the continuing expansion of coaching staffs around the league.

Tony Khan, son of owner Shad Khan, discusses some of the statistics used by the Jaguars to help evaluate 2013 draft prospects.

Chase Stuart charts QB stats by their teams' biggest Game Script splits.

PFF's data says that as a rookie in 2012, Chargers DE Kendall Reyes was one of the more efficient pass-rushing 3-4 ends in the league last year.

Crediting their cap management and quality drafting, Joel Corry could see the Niners taking over from the Patriots as the NFL's model franchise for years to come.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei suggests that the third round is when teams really start to gamble in the draft.

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