Chicago gossip columnist says Broncos talking to Urlacher

From Sun-Times jack-of-all-trades columnist Michael Sneed:

Sneed hears that former Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher, whose stellar, longtime career with the Bears began with a growl and ended with a whimper, is getting close to finding a new pigskin playground.

Sneed is told that Urlacher, whose decision to leave the Bears followed their offer of a $1.6 million renewal contract, has been talking to the Minnesota Vikings and the Denver Broncos. “It’s getting close to happening, but Brian is leaning toward heading to Minnesota and is talking a one to two year contract,” said a source close to Urlacher.

Obviously, we don't tend to get our football news from gossip columnists, and we're not about to start now.

Word out of Denver has come swiftly in debunking the rumor:



We've seen smatterings of Urlacher-to-Denver talk ever since the Bears cut him, but it's just never seemed like a good option to us, from the get-go.

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